Consumption of Salt Among Americans is More: Research Says

As per guidelines released by federal government, Americans are in habit of consuming more salt than required. Higher consumption of salt can lead to...

Breakfast Doesn’t Make You Fat

Do you skip breakfast? If yes, please do change your habit. Avoiding morning meal is not good as far as nutrition is concerned. A...

Some Specific Foods May Help In Lowering Bad Cholesterol

Doctors usually recommend cholesterol lowering drug and suitable diet to people suffering from high levels of bad cholesterol. But as per the latest research,...

Add Colon Cleansing Food to Your Diet

Do you know that your health is directly related to your colon No matter whatever you eats up it end as a toxin in...

Is It A Superfood? The Truth About The Acai Berry, Acai Juice

Do you know why acai berry is known as a superfood?  If you don’t know then you have been missing out one of the...

Cranberry Juice Is Effective In Treating UTI

Terri Anne Camesano and colleagues of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, conducted a study to find out the effectiveness of cranberry juice in preventing UTI (urinary...

How Caffeine Can Actually Reduce Cellulite

Most of America uses caffeine to give them a jolt in the morning to get their day started. Companies have built huge empires selling...

Coffee: A Devil Or A Dude?

A hot steaming cup of coffee is something every one of us cherishes. For many people, a cup of coffee is synonymous with a...

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