Coffee: A Devil Or A Dude?


A hot steaming cup of coffee is something every one of us cherishes. For many people, a cup of coffee is synonymous with a good morning or relaxation. There are also people who just don’t remember how many cups they consumed in a day. Is that good anyway? While sipping coffee, do we pay heed to its positive and negative effects on our life? If not, let’s do it now.

Advantages of drinking coffee:

Yes! For your information, coffee is good and has some awesome properties that help our health positively. What are the advantages of coffee that makes it our good companion?

1)    Keeps Alzheimer’s disease at bay: You know how dangerous the Alzheimer’s disease is. This brain disorder has kept scientists busy as they try to find a sure remedy. Coffee is said to slow down this neurogenerative disease, though exact means by which coffee prevents Alzheimer’s disease is currently not known.

2)    Diabetes prevention: the whole world is battling against the hazards of diabetes and the incidence is fast increasing even in developing countries. Different studies have shown that coffee has potential anti-diabetic properties if drank regularly.

3)    Caffeine benefits: though certain bad effects of caffeine are known, there are also some potential benefits from caffeine. Apart from giving the much needed boost for efficient work, caffeine is known to improve the focus of an individual while enhancing the short term memory as well as other cognitive functions.

4)    Weight loss: Coffee aids in reducing excess weight by burning more fat and increasing an individual’s metabolic rate.

5)    Coffee reduces the risk of both Parkinson’s disease and gall-stone disease.

6)    Coffee is also said to have a potent anti-cancer molecule, though more research is required to confirm and add to the current knowledge. Additionally, coffee is said to also protect against liver cancer.

7)    Potent anti-oxidant: Due to its potent anti-oxidants, Coffee prevents accumulation of free radicals in the body and builds good resistance to diseases.

8)    Because of coffee’s diuretic properties, it keeps the body clean and aids in waste expulsion.

Now, we must also look at the negative aspects of drinking coffee, otherwise we run the risk of overindulgence!

Disadvantages of drinking coffee:

1)    Addictive effect: Many people have fallen into coffee addictions. They have to drink coffee to liven up and therefore their mood varies with their coffee drinking patterns.

2)    Caffeine side effects: Insomnia may result due to excessive coffee consumption. Aldditionally, heightened pulse rate increases the risk of high blood pressure.

3)    Expectant women who drink a lot of coffee run the risk of developing caffeine dependency syndrome later on and the infant too may experience breathing difficulties.

4)    Teeth staining: this is a widely ignored but important negative aspect of coffee drinking habit. Yellow teeth and cavity formation can occur especially if sugar is added to coffee.

5)    Other people addicted to coffee may suffer from constipation.

6)    Large quantities of coffee can have sudden negative effects on blood sugar levels.

Thus, our favorite beverage has a combination of advantages and disadvantages. If we want to be healthy and happy, “moderation” is the word we should remember!


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