A New Drug May Help cure the Leukemia


  AG-221 is a new invention which brings a significant result in the patient with advanced Leukemia. This drug has been proved as an efficient drug for leukemic patients in an early-phase of clinical trial.

Every 15 out of 100 patients of myeloid leukemia have a mutated IDH2 gene. Our white blood cells are responsible for protecting our body from infection. This mutated IDH gene prevents the conversion of immature white blood cells into healthy and mature cells

When a leukemic patient consumes this AG-221 drug, it stops the function of mutated IDH2 gene and allows the normal growth and development of the white blood cells. Thus, AG-221 drug prevents the further progression of leukemia.

This mutation prevents immature white blood cells from developing into healthy, infection-fighting cells which accumulate, crowd out normal cells, and lead to the development of acute leukemia.

According to the scientist and author Eytan M. Stein, AG-221 has a great potential to transform the therapy of leukemia. To evaluate the result, he studied on 45 of patient of IDH2 positive leukemia who were under AG-221 drug. After one cycle of 28 days therapy, he found complete remission in 15 and partial remission in 10 patients. On the other hand, 17 patients became completely stable. There was no history of treatment related death.  However, he also said that further study is needed to prove its maximum tolerable dose and patient response.

Mr. Stein is quite confident that with more research and study in future, this drug will completely be able to bring a change in the treatment of IDH2-mutant leukemia and other blood related malignancies.

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