8 Points To Keep In Mind With Contact Lens


Our eyes are the most important part amongst all the senses. 80 percent of the information gets transferred from the eye to the other senses to act and react. It handles our behavior and the learning capacity. They are like the camera that captures the image and sends the signals to the brain to decode its meaning.

The population today spends most hours on laptops and gadgets. It has affected the stress level along with vision clarity. It has increased the number of people wearing spectacles.

Wearing glasses have in some or the other way restricted the free movement in our daily chores. We have to be careful to protect them from any breakage.

To avoid such restriction and even look fashionable the contact lenses are a gift to us. The contact lenses give a much better and natural vision as compared to the glasses.

Though lens have been amongst us since more than a decade developing and advancing.

But the basic care and tips to protect your eyes while wearing contact lens is essential and same.

So, if you are planning to start with contacts and are new to them then read these 8 points. Enjoy the experience of a complete focus and clarity.

1.Wash Hands

This is the basic practice that a person should do before wearing the lenses. By doing this, you wash all the dirt off your hands before placing the lenses on the palm to prepare to wear.

2. Proper Cleaning of the Lens


Before you start to wear the lenses you need to clean it to avoid any impurity or particle to go into the eye. Our eyes are delicate. It is necessary to clean the lenses both sides with the prescribed solution provided with the kit.

3. Water a Complete No-No!

Most people are in the misconception that in emergency cases they  can use water  to clean the lens. This is completely wrong. The water is full of bacteria and other impure particles. It can lead to transferring such element into the eye.  If you use water out of helplessness remember, you may find it difficult to take the lens off the eyes. To avoid harming your eyes in any way, make sure you carry the solution with you everywhere you go. If by any chance you forget visit the nearest medical store where, they are available.

4. Makeup Measures


We all love makeup and cannot survive without it. As a lens wearer, you need to keep a few steps in mind to have a hassle-free vision and keep up your makeup look.

Wear lens before applying makeup

Try using less chemical products to keep your eyes safe

Avoid applying makeup inside the eyes

Try to use a high-quality mascara that is eye friendly and does not cause itchiness or irritation.

Instead, of a powdered eye shadow apply a creamy one. It will hold the shade and not let it dust into the eye while blinking.

5. Doctor’s Suggestion

When you go out to buy lenses make sure you get a green signal for wearing them from your doctor. The eye vision has two parts axis and cylindrical. You need to make sure that you choose the correct brand and type of lenses those suit your vision and eye. While wearing lenses on a regular basis, make sure you keep a check on the expiry dates. Discard lenses timely to avoid eye related problems.

6. Colored Lenses


The colored lenses have become a new trend in the society. You get the privilege to change your eye color as per your will and look. It sounds easy and interesting but can lead to a troubling situation. It is better to consult the doctor before buying on your own. There are opticians where you find plenty of shades to choose from. But, remember to value your eyes. Consult the doctor and know the right way to wear them. Buy from the reliable brand that helps to keep your eyes protected.

7. 20 -20 Drill

It is an exercise for those who wear contact lenses on a regular basis. It is an eye relaxing exercise. After every 20 minutes, you need to concentrate on a 20 feet far away object for 20 seconds. Following the drill will help you relax your eyes. It will save from strained due to constant focusing.

8.  Eyesight Testing

Get your eyesight checked on time. Getting it done timely will let you keep a check on your eye health. It will track problem-related with contacts or any other factor.

Maintain healthy and clean eyes.

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  1. I totally agree when you said that it is a must to seek the approval of the doctor if you want to wear one. As you mentioned, there is a brand and type that is appropriate for you. I will share this information with my sister because I heard that she needed to wear one for the event that she will be hosting since she doesn’t want to wear glasses while in her gown.


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