Want to have Healthy Hair?


Hair loss is the common problem for everyone. Pollution, bad health, improper diet etc. are some of the many reasons. But when you see hairball increasing rapidly then you get tension. And, in this condition, your suffer more from hair loss. Expensive hair treatment, going to parlor etc. are the only ways that you think of.

Ways to have Healthy Hair

Why you want to waste lots of money when you can save your hair in an affordable and easy way. Natural ways will be a lot better option to combat this problem as using chemical based products will further ruin your hair. Given below are ways that will make your hair healthy.

  • Consume an amla every day, preferably in the morning. Amla based hair oil is another favorable option.
  • Consume overnight soaked 5 almonds with their skin on, every morning.
  • Consume 1 bowl of sprouted pulses.
  • Consume sufficient liquids like coconut water, buttermilk, plain water and lime juice as it will nourish scalp.
  • Consume less coffee and tea.
  • Proteins are good for your hair. Consume high protein diet.
  • Use lime juice when washing your hair. Use it when you rinse your hair for the last time. This will make your hair shine and make it safe from dandruff.
  • Never forget to drink two glasses of skimmed milk in a day.
  • Consume methi water just after you step out of bed.
  • Go on a fruit diet or daily consume apple, grapes, strawberries, bananas etc.
  • Do eat lots of vegetables as these are a rich source of nutrients.

It is always a sensible decision to eat healthy if you want your hair to be healthy. Proteins, vitamins and other nutrients help in keeping hair shiny, thick, long and healthy. Eat right and have long healthy hair.

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