Some Specific Foods May Help In Lowering Bad Cholesterol


Doctors usually recommend cholesterol lowering drug and suitable diet to people suffering from high levels of bad cholesterol. But as per the latest research, your diet plays a more significant role in lowering cholesterol levels.

In the Journal of American Medical Assn., the research has recommended certain food stuff such as nuts and soy that can more efficiently reduce bad cholesterol compared to a diet having low saturated fat.

“Patients don’t want to take the medications, and I’m afraid that if you tell them there’s a diet that works just as well, then they’ll do that instead,” researchers said.

Last year, most frequently prescribed things were lipid regulating drugs and statins as well.

Plant sterols, also known as stanols, are found in small amounts in legumes, fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains. These products can be added to food supplements also. Plant sterols help in disposing off the particles as wastes and prevent their absorption in body.

Participants who were included in the study were given three diets: routine portfolio diet, intensive portfolio diet, and high fiber low fat diet. These diet are recommended to people having high cholesterol levels or those who suffered from heart attack.

Researchers have said that components of portfolio diet are preferred for cholesterol reducing properties. Researchers have also observed that subject’s continuity with portfolio diet resulted in cholesterol reduction dramatically.


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