7 Unusual And Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Double Chin


Are you amongst those who hide their faces behind friends to not let their double chin be visible?

If yes, then welcome to the club. Even I have been amongst those who have tried this trick many a times. But failed.

If this was not enough, I even utilized my hair to hide the extra layer of flesh under the chin. The funny part is, double chin not only captivates the people on the bulkier side. Instead, some with proportionate body also have a double chin.

To get rid of this unwanted and yet highlighted area. I went through several books, tacts and temporary remedies. But, in the end it all came to the same scene.

I wanted some easy way that could help me get rid of it permanently.

Finally, after spending good time with knowledgeable people around. I could gather 7 unusual yet effective ways to reduce double chin within weeks.


Let us check out how.


1. Healthy Chewing Gum

chewing healthy gums help to reduce double chin

Chewing gum is one of the not so appreciated activity amongst the sophisticated gatherings. It is also one of the causes of headaches.

With all these dislikes who knew it would be of great help for some. It is said chewing of gum helps your jaws to exercise and work on the extra skin under the chin.

Make sure the gum is sugar-free and healthy. It will help you tone your muscles and prevent it from sagging. It will keep your teeth clean and have an odor-free breath.


2. Tennis Ball Way

tennis ball excersise to get rid of double chinImage Source:fineartamerica

It may sound a bit weird how can a tennis ball help you get rid of double chin. But it is true! Place a tennis ball under your chin and press it tightly.

Repeat this activity for 10 times twice a day to see a drastic difference.


3. Weight Loss

lose weight to avoid double chin

It is one of the biggest reason for most of the diseases and problems. Same goes for the double chin for some of them.

For those who are overweight and have a visibly huge double chin, you need to control your weight. Work on your body and get to shape. It will help you tone up and the muscles of your body especially facial.

You can even take in diet that is full of green vegetables. They will work two way in weight loss and double chin toning.


4. Egg White Mask and Glycerin

egg white mask to finish double chinImage Source:youtube

The natural remedies are now the rulers of every sector we live in. Today they are the remedy to everything and anything possible.

You will be surprised to know egg white masks can beautify your skin. it can make it glow and even reduce a double chin.

Mash egg white part in a bowl with milk, honey, lemon and essential oil.

Leave the pack around the chin area for 30 minutes and then wash. For speedy results apply it once a day.

Glycerin is good for glow. Massaging it around the double chin area will help you reduce the extra skin.


5. Drinking Lots Of Water

drink lots of water for overall benefit of the body

It might not convince you. But, as a matter of fact water is the solution to most problems. It helps to lose weight, keep the body hydrated and even reduce a double chin.

Drinking the right amount of water will help to tone your skin and avoid sagging. Add juicy vegetables and fruits in your diet for a better performance of your body.


6. Exercises

There are some exercises those can help you bid an early farewell to a double chin.

Three most effective amongst them are-

chin up and downImage Source:gallerily

– Chin Lifting

You are asked to lift your chin up and down several times as if to stretch. It will work on your extra skin and help it tone up and reduce.


– X-O-X-O

xo xo excersise for double chin

Image Source:thefitindian

It might appear funny to you. But, this is also one of the most effective drills to work on that area. Keep saying XOXO at least 100 times in three sets twice a day. It will not only reduce the double chin but, also tone up your facial muscles to define the face shape.


– Neck Rotating

rotating neck for muscles to relax and tone up double chinImage Source:reddit

It is a sort of relaxing exercise for the neck chin and head. When you rotate your neck both clock and anti-clockwise. It will stretch the muscles those are stiff and even work on the extra added under the chin.


7. Essential Oils

essential oil massage work wonders for double chinImage Source:spiritofessentialoils

If you use essential oils to massage the area around the chin. It will help to reduce the sagging skin. It will keep your skin soft and supple.

These oils contain vitamin E that makes the skin more elastic and easy to work on.

Trust me try these activities religiously and you are sure to get positive results.

Hurry up and get rid of these to increase your selfies.

You no more need to hide behind your pals or try tricks to hide your face!!!!!!

Come out and flaunt the new you rather a better and confident you!!!!!!

Stay Happy and Beautiful!

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