Add Colon Cleansing Food to Your Diet


Do you know that your health is directly related to your colon No matter whatever you eats up it end as a toxin in your colon which slowly and steadily unnecessarily get collected in the body and later on causes serious health problems like constipation, obesity and so on. That is so it is very important that you have nutritious balanced diet which keeps your body fit and fine as it increases your body’s immunity to fight against diseases.

Here we are some useful information about diet that is very effective and helpful in colon cleansing:

Colon Cleansing Diet

Doctor says that raw egg yolk is one of the best foods for colon cleansing. It contains essential minerals and vitamins required in our body to keep us fit and fine. If you take one egg yolk daily as in your regular diet then it helps you to control the toxin level of the body. You can take this raw egg yolk with milk, vegetable and with fruit juice.

If you never had raw egg yolk then you can spread it on your salad and make it as your routine diet. It seen that people are not familiar with this kind of diet so take time to increase its quantity. It is better to start with smaller quantity first so that your body can easily be able to digest it and become familiar with it.

Oil such as coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil or cod liver oil is also known as good colon cleansing agents. Do not worry it doesn’t increase fat level in your body but it helps you to control your toxin as different oil has different fatty acid  which helps a lot  to  maintain  hormonal balance in your body.

Try to add Yeast flakes in your diet as it is very nutritious food unlike raw egg yolk. It contains important minerals and Vitamins like vitamin- B which is good for cleansing toxins.  It is a good alternative for people who did not like egg yolk for any reason.

It is seen that during the process of colon cleansing, exercise, medication or diet make you feel tired and sluggish. In that condition vitamin -C supplements or food is really very effective to boost your energy but before taking it regularly it is good to consults your doctor.

Always ensure that your diet consists primarily of vegetable, seeds and beans because all these food items are rich in minerals and fiber that is soluble in water and prevents constipation. As green foods contain a lot of chlorophyll it helps in healing the damage of digestive tissues. It is seen that people who take more of water have no constipation in comparison to people who drink less water.

Try to avoid tea, coffee, pasteurized milk and smoking because it only reduces the immunity of your body.

So eat healthy and nutritious food to remain fit and fine because if you have strong immunity then only your body able to fight against toxin and then there is no need to go for any colon cleansing diet to remove toxin from your body.



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