How Caffeine Can Actually Reduce Cellulite


Most of America uses caffeine to give them a jolt in the morning to get their day started. Companies have built huge empires selling drinks with caffeine in them, and it can help you get rid of cellulite.

Lotions to reduce cellulite usually have caffeine as the primary ingredient, and it’s actually one of the only natural ingredients that has some clinical studies behind it. While caffeine, or any other natural ingredient, can melt away the fat that causes cellulite it can help to reduce the appearance of those pesky dimples that make you self conscious.

What does it do?

Caffeine is a stimulant. That’s the reason it perks us in the morning, it’s the reason some people can actually become addicted to drinking caffeinated beverages. How ever when we drink coffee or colas the caffine enters our blood stream but doesn’t really make it to our deep tissues.

For caffeine to help with cellulite it must be applied topically to the skin. This is why most cellulite removal creams contain caffeine. When the cream is applied to the skin and massaged it is absorbed. The ingredients can then enter the neighbouring blood vessels and tissues to begin action on your cellulite.

Caffeine starts by boosting the blood flow, which is other wise restricted, to the area affected by cellulite. This increased flow stimulates your bodies metabolic pathways which aids in a reduced appearance of cellulite.

Is it safe?

Cellulite lotions don’t contain enough caffeine to hurt you. How ever with that being said there are a lot of new allergies popping up. If you’re concerned you should check with your family doctor or a dermatologist before applying any anti cellulite product to your skin.

Since anti cellulite creams are a topical skin care product they are not regulated and aren’t considered to be medical or prescription products. They should be as safe as a skin moisturizer, but if you have concerns ask first and use the products second.


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