Consumption of Salt Among Americans is More: Research Says


As per guidelines released by federal government, Americans are in habit of consuming more salt than required. Higher consumption of salt can lead to various problems including heart problems, high blood pressure and other such problems.

This condition can’t be just because of salt. There are many other sources also that contain salt as ingredient that people might not consider while consuming.

In commercial food, the approximate amount of salt that is added during processing is around 75 percent. In restaurants also, a major percentage is added during preparation.

As per guidelines, for those who are more than 50 years of age and reeling under different problems including diabetes, kidney disease, etc… should take lesser than 1500 milligrams in a day. Around 99 percent people exceed this limit.

Other people can consume up to 2300 milligrams per day but in this group also many consume more than this limit, says the data.


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