You Must Know These 6 Most Common Allergies


Allergy is a very common type of disease found in almost everyone. Well, we cannot say allergy as a kind of disease but actually, it is a kind of immune system that reacts in a different way when it comes in contact with an unfavorable foreign substance.

Mostly developed during childhood, there are various types of allergies that are very common. So here are the most common type of allergies that can be seen in people around.


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It is very common in children and sometimes can get very severe. In asthma, it causes inflammation in the air pipes of the lungs. This inflammation is always there in people suffering from asthma and depending upon the degree of inflammation, the harder it gets in breathing.

 Asthma and allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever), food allergy, and eczema, are common for all age groups in the United States* 

Atopic Eczema (Dermatitis)

Eczema is a type of itchy skin that can be caused due to exposure to the sun, specks of dust, and certain allergic substances. Pink skin is visible often with tiny bumps and may sometimes a lot of these bumps in a little patch of skin may cause it to look red.

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Drug allergy

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Though a lot of tests are done before prescribing drugs, some children develop side effects for certain kinds of medicine. These side effects of the medicine are attributed to abnormal adverse reactions of the body towards that particular drug.

Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. with an annual cost in excess of $18 billion*

Food allergy

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This is another common type of allergy seen in kids, adults, and anyone. Few people don’t like cow’s milk, few are allergic to eggs and fishes and likewise. Ingestion of such foods by an allergic person can result in nausea and vomiting.

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It is known to be the inflammation of the lining of the nose. These are mostly caused due to running nose, sneezing, and congestion of nasal passage. Sometimes, they can be a factor in the development of asthma in the body.

Skin allergy

This represents visible symptoms of patches like eczema and urticaria in the skin. These mostly happen when a body comes in contact with the allergic substance such as mud, dust, smoke, hay, etc.

These were few of the most common allergies found in a human body? Have you suffered from any one of them? If not you must be knowing someone who has an allergy to food or dust. Allergies are common and can be treated easily. What other types of common allergy do you know? Share with us in the comments section below.



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