8 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Quitting Coffee

benefits of quitting coffee

Have you ever come across the many benefits of quitting coffee? Too much of anything is bad. We must have always heard this saying in our lifetime. And this is pretty much true as well. So how come consuming too much coffee be good?

Today we will share 10 unbelievable health benefits of quitting coffee or tea. Tea, coffee, energy drink, or any such kind of drink contains caffeine which is addictive in nature. Regular consumption makes a habit of them and sometimes leads to drinking too much. So what happens when you quit caffeinated drinks?

1. Break the addiction

When you are addicted to certain chemicals, the desire for them is always there in mind. The deficiency of which can cause stress and headache and inefficiency in the work you do. So why to let these happen.

Just break the addiction and do your work efficiently without being dependent on such caffeine.

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2. Save a lot

Generally a cup of coffee costs around $2 – $4.  Once you quit your drinking coffee habit, you can save up to $1000 a year.  That’s quite a lot of expense on the unnecessary thing. Isn’t it?

Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

3. Lowers blood pressure

Reduced consumption of caffeinated drinks can help lower the blood pressure and improve hearts function.

benefits of quitting coffee
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4. Nice deep sleep

When you have to do a lot of work you drink coffee, right? Well, caffeine is a chemical that reduces sleep. If you are a daily consumer then it affects your brain in such a way that you miss out on your deep sleep often. Quitting coffee and tea can help you get deep and nice sleep every night. Consider reading top tips and tricks to induce sleep faster.

5. Decreased anxiety

Many people have reported that they suffer anxiety because of caffeinated drinks. Whereas some people claim that quitting tea and coffee creates anxiety in the initial days. Once you have quit these drinks, you may or may not suffer anxiety for the initial days. But later, you will experience a decreased level of anxiety in your life.

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6. Fewer headaches

As discussed earlier, if you consume tea or coffee regularly, your brain is addicted to it. If there is any deviation on the consumption, it results in caffeine withdrawal headaches.

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7. Less travel to the washroom

Caffeinated drinks are believed to increase the frequency of urination in many people. In some cases, they can cause incontinence.

8. Healthy teeth

Tea and coffee cause stains in teeth. The soda and energy drinks cause the tooth enamel to erode and tooth decays more readily.

benefits of quitting coffee
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So these were a few of the unbelievable health benefits of quitting coffee. Caffeine consumed in moderate quantity can be considered good for health, but if you feel getting addicted to it and can’t work properly when you don’t have one. Then it’s time to think and reduce consumption. Remember, too much of anything is bad.

Have you already quit tea and coffee consumption? Have you experienced any other health benefits for quitting such caffeinated drinks? Do let us know too and spread the benefits across the world.

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