God and AIDS – How do they relate?


It is time everyone appreciated the efforts being put in place to try and end the AIDS menace. In one way or the other, there is a way you have contributed in the same fight. We have seen every time we have AIDS conferences, the statistics being shared are impressive. The scientists have not tired either. They are still working hard to try and ensure that a permanent solution is found. I know that you are also trying to keep preaching the gospel that will help to others if not only your peers. All these efforts are commendable.

We all long for the day a cure will be found for AIDS. That will bring it a history behind us. The damage it has caused is way too much to bear. You see young people being widowed, children being orphaned and you wonder if God really exists. He does exist, He cares for us and He has a purpose for letting this happen. The question is; are we taking the lessons He expects us to take? It is good that some people have embraced the truth in the word of God because of HIV.

God is the one who has instilled the brains in the scientists who are working every single minute to try to come up with a solution of the epidemic. We must be grateful for that. All the prevention tactics are clearly prescribed in His word. He advocates for abstinence and being faithful to your partner. He is the one who will bring a permanent cure to all maladies AIDS included when he will feel the time is right. We do not need to give up or to doubt his existence.

You are also obliged as a person to stop the spread of HIV. You can begin advocating for prevention strategies to everyone who has an ear to listen. You can also choose to avoid being infected by practicing the same. Above all take care of your partner. For those already infected, you can always ensure that you do not spread the infection to your partner or anyone around you. You must also learn to spread love even to those who are infected. They need your support. They need to be bolstered to keep living positively. Some of them are only victims of circumstances.

Before a cure can be found, the only way is to prevent new infections. This is either you as the one who is already infected or not. Be responsible for your own life and that of the people around you. This is the only way we will live this life well. We cannot live on our own; we need our neighbors to survive and to share a smile with. Do not neglect your neighbor because they are ailing. You could be the one in that situation. What would you want to be done for you? Do the same thing to your neighbor. You will be rewarded greatly in the end for saving a life and helping making the world a better place.


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