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One of the aids facts that scientists believed are that AIDS causing HIV may have evolved from a same kind of virus in monkeys that was spread to humans. Lack of specific knowledge about AIDS is also one of the causes for the spread of AIDS. Creating awareness among the young generation is a very important and the first step to be taken to control AIDS.

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS, is a condition that indicates the advanced state of HIV infection. HIV is a virus that is transmitted from person to person through exchange of body fluids. The virus causes significant loss of white blood cells, due to which the immune system of the individual is damaged.

AIDS facts are not very clear to the mass, since people generally think being HIV positive means AIDS infected.

Some myths about Aids facts:

Aids can also be transmitted by hugging, kissing, touching, coughing, sneezing, sharing utensils, clothes, toilet seats, telephones, through mosquito bites etc, which are nothing but misleading notions that have to be ignored.

The different stages of the disease:

In the first stage, the primary HIV infection occurs and it lasts for few weeks. The symptoms will be flu like fever. The second stage is also called as the latent period and this may last for a few years during which, no specific symptom will be present. The third stage is the symptomatic HIV infection. During this stage, the body becomes more susceptible to opportunistic infections and cancers. The fourth stage is the AIDS. The patient becomes more and more susceptible to opportunistic infections. These are the AIDS facts.

The signs and symptoms of AIDS:

  • As the immune system starts getting weak, signs and symptoms of AIDS develop.
  • The person suffers from fever that exists, longer than one month.
  • The person may suffer from continuous diarrhea more than a month.
  • The person may be affected by repeated infections, and severe fatigue.
  • There may be a weight loss greater than 10% of previous body weight.

Modes of transmission- some aids facts:

  • Aids can be transmitted by any kind of unsafe sexual intercourse.
  • It can be transmitted by the usage of IV drug.
  • Aids can also be transmitted from an infected mother to a baby.
  • Again, any blood transfusion or exposure to infected fluid can also transmit aids.
  • Using infected equipment, such as needles or syringes, can also transmit aids.

Prevention of AIDS – Few AIDS facts:

  • Have clear idea about HIV and AIDS facts – truth and myths.
  • Clarify doubts and fears about AIDS.
  • Simple way of prevention is practicing abstinence.
  • Resist peer pressure to engage in sexual activities or drugs.
  • Sterilize any instruments that pierce the skin, such as needles and syringes.
  • Test the blood being used before transfusion and get a HIV free certificate before transfusion.

The ultimate goal to know the Aids facts is to eradicate the virus, improve the treatment and to prevent the transmission. The greatest challenge is to take care of the affected patients, as people even abandon their children, if they are aware that their children have AIDS. The patients do not need clinics, doctors or pills but love, care and a positive thinking about life, which can be easily provided by every normal individual.

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