Myths about healthy foods


The older ones used to tell us to eat 8 glass of water every day to keep you healthy and hydrated. They said eating fruits is always good for health. Even we were cooking food too many causes a loss of nutrients.

There are many such myths related to food and eating habits. So here we are like a myth busters to bring reality about the popular myths about healthy foods.

1. Drink 8 glass of water

No. You can drink as much water as you can. It is advisable to drink a glass of water every hour to keep the body cells moisturized and hydrated. Make sure the water intake doesn’t cause you to visit the loo frequently.

2. Cooked carrots lose their nutritional value than the raw ones

Cooking a carrot properly helps in breaking down the rigid cellular walls that cover the beta-carotene. Therefore, cooking a carrot actually enhances its nutritional value.
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3. Remove the skin from chicken

It is believed that to minimize the fat and calorie intake, the skin of chicken should be removed before cooking it. This is a pure myth. Keeping the skin intact while baking, roasting or cooking it will help preserve the nutritional properties. Click here to read about healthy chicken recipes.

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it” Arnold H. Glasgow

4. Avoid eating eggs in summer

Eating eggs in summer can increase the internal body temperature. It can cause stomach upset and many things. Well, just forget this. Eating eggs any time of the year will not affect your body. Eggs are one of the best foods with high nutritional value, these can be included in almost every meal.
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5. Eat fewer carbs to stay healthy

Well, the intake of healthy carbohydrates especially whole grains is very important for the body. It helps reduce heart disease and helps maintain healthy body weight.  Too much of everything is bad , so always include a source of carbs in your meal for a perfect balanced diet.

6. Carbonated drinks are bad for healthy

Yes, that’s true. Carbonated drinks can cause cavities, high blood pressure, and weight gain. But a sodium-free seltzer with a slice of lemon can quench your thirst in a healthy way. It won’t provide you with any nutrition gain but won’t affect your health either.

7. Avoid milk when you have cold

There’s no truth in this. It is believed that milk increases mucus production which is not true. So there’s no need to avoid milk when having a cold. Milk is always healthy for the body.

8. Choose fat-free or low-fat foods instead of full-fat versions

If you are looking to gain weight than full-fat yogurt can help you to reach your goal. It provides the necessary amount of calories with healthy fats. So this must be consumed. But when it comes in the case of other dairy products and meats, a low-fat diet should be considered as they are better.

Here is a list of great myths about some of the healthy foods. Which other food myths you believe to be false. Write down to us in the comments section below. Eat what you feel in a healthy way and your body will respond accordingly. Eat healthy stay healthy!

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