How To Heal Flu Faster With Home Remedies

heal flu faster
How to heal flu faster with home remedies

Want to heal flu faster? Are you home sick with headache, body ache, and a running nose? You must try some home remedies that work instantly and help you to feel better. Go for these following home remedies to cure your flu faster.

1.    Honey, lemon, and Cinnamon

If you are suffering from bad flu, have a mixture of lukewarm two tablespoons of Honey, one teaspoon of Lemon juice, and a pinch cinnamon powder. It cures your cold, clears your sinuses and gives relief to your blocked throat.

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2.    Ginger

Extract ginger and mix it with lukewarm water. Have a half a cup of lukewarm water and two teaspoons of ginger extract. You can mix ginger to some spiced tea also. It will cure the cough for sure and give you relief from the running nose.

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3.    Gargle

Take some warm water and add some salt. Gargle with it. You can add some turmeric too. It cures cough and clears your throat and chest.

4.    Honey and Tulsi

To heal flu faster, have a mixture of one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of tulsi juice. It can give you relief from headaches and coughs.

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5.    Milk and turmeric

Turmeric has a strong antioxidant. One teaspoon of Turmeric mixed with one glass of warm milk fights against cough and cold. It helps in faster recovery from flu.

heal flu faster

6.    Garlic

Saute few garlic cloves in ghee and have it when warm. It can be bitter and difficult to consume but has great effects.

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7.    Drink lukewarm water

Warm water gives relief in sore throat. Drink lukewarm water frequently. It fights cold and cough and makes you feel better.

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·       What to eat 

During the flu, you should eat hot soups and fresh foods mostly. It lots of fruits with vitamin C and Vitamin D. you can opt for some hot chicken soup with fresh vegetables too. It helps to slow down the neutrophils in your body and protects you from infection.

heal flu faster
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·       Stay Hydrated

Having liquids during flu can keep you hydrated and helps in your immune and respiratory system. Consume fruit juice, hot drinks, tea, and broth-based soups. It will help to build your lungs disinfected.

heal flu faster

·       Take a Warm Shower

Take a warm bath and if you can, sit in a steamy bathroom. Moistening your body gives a relieved and stress-free mind.

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Trusting on home remedies to cure common flu is what everyone relies on. Moreover, these home remedies are free from side effects and help you heal flu faster and gives you relief.


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