Do You Know The Side Effects Of Hydrogen Peroxide?


Hydrogen peroxide is an interesting chemical substance and the reason behind it is the chemical formula of it H2O2, logically it ought to be called as hydrogen dioxide. But it is known as hydrogen peroxide. And secondly it comes with a number of uses, healing properties and benefits accompanied with equal number of side effect. A small mismatch in concentration can lead to poisonous effect on body.

Harmful effects on skin

Hydrogen peroxide as a main ingredient is present in skin whitener, skin lightener or skin brighteners. It is a bleaching agent so found in all skin lighteners to lighten the skin tone. But it also has some side effects

Overuse of H2O2 can cause damage to DNA cells, it prevent them from replicating and leads to premature aging.
It can cause your skin to dry by fading away the moisture which helps your skin to keep glowing.
It is also used to treat acne being an excellent disinfectant. But excess use of it can make your skin dull and dehydrated.
Vitiligo is a disease causing loss of skin pigment and studies shows this problem is caused due to increase level of hydrogen peroxide in the blood and epidermis.

Side effects on teeth

From a long time hydrogen peroxide is used as teeth whitening agent but if used in improper or odd concentration can cause harmful effects

As it is a highly reactive chemical it can cause irritation in gums and teeth.
Overuse of this compound can cause tooth sensitivity and gum pain.
Being highly reactive hydrogen peroxide can pass through your tooth and can react with the dentin and pulp.
While gargling if mistakenly swollen can cause throat soreness.

So hydrogen peroxide besides being useful can also cause some harmful side effects. Therefore it is advised not to use it excessively as it is highly reactive.


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