Amniotic Fluid Is More Useful Now


There is good news for physicians and patients of cancer, particularly brain cancer. It has been found in the results of a latest research that the amniotic fluid is useful in the treatment of lung diseases.

Research also suggests that there is a large amount of the fluid in the human stem cells. The fluid may even be used in fighting cancer. Mesenchymal stromal cells are found to be present in great numbers in the fluid to help us fight brain cancer effectively.

“Stem cells isolated from human amniotic fluid (AFSs) have the ability to differentiate into different cell types. Recent research has shown that amniotic fluid-derived stem cells show similarities to both embryonic and adult stem cells and can differentiate into many different kinds of cells”, said one author of the study Dr. Cesar V. Borlongan.

These cells are further found to lead to generation of muscular line, fat line and more importantly liver line of cells. It may open a new chapter in the direction of many breakthroughs in Medicine as the cells are highly regenerative.

Amniotic fluid is the fluid present in the amniotic sac, the sac around the fetus in uterus of mother. It contains considerable amount of stem cells.


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