Framar Health : Natural Remedies For A Healthy Lifestyle


Framar Health, founded in 1981, is an independent health store, which deals in natural foods, medicines, toiletries- including Dr Hauschka skin care range, which attracts customers. Moreover, it comprises of a comprehensive database of natural health information thus providing up to date information in its field of work.

The best thing about this retail store is that it is affiliated with Jan de Vries Natural Health Clinic. Jan de Vries is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of alternative healthcare.  Jan de Vries Natural Health Clinic offers certain therapies like Homoeopathy, Osteopathy, Psychotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Massages amongst various others.

Framar Health is the only retail store that offers an opportunity to purchase Jan’s products, it also makes appointment for you through its online shop and provides access to many healthcare facilities and therapies, all at one place, making it all the more convenient for the customers.

The online shop of Framar Health is now offering 10% discount on all products purchased online. It not only provides you with product categories but also gives you a choice among a number of brands related to each product. It also picks product of the week and exchange information regarding that product in order to make the audience aware of it, so that they’d show interest and  further, sales would increase.

In short Framar Health is a mini doctor that provides solutions to numerous problems related to health, beauty, hair, skin care etc for people of every age i.e. from babies to adults.


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