Multivitamin a day, is important to reduce infant mortality



A recently conducted research has said that consumption of multivitamin supplement during pregnancy can reduce the risk of pre-mature delivery and also helpful for a healthy outcome of the pregnancy.

The research was done on a group of pregnant women in rural Bangladesh and it showed the daily administration of a multivitamin or iron capsule improves the infant’s birth weight and decreases the risks of infant mortality rate.

In this study, they recruited 45,000 pregnant women and kept them under either a daily consumption of multivitamin or an iron capsule. As a result, they found that babies born in multivitamins were at proper weight (not less than 2.5 kg) and also showed less mortality rate.

Professor Keith west, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health women, the lead of the study, said that multiple micronutrient supplements are very necessary for the pregnant ladies, especially who lives in undernourished society to prevent infant mortality rate.

The research was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

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