8 Easy Ways to Eliminate Chemicals From Your Home


The advent of Medicine & Technology brought many outstanding products in our homes. The more advanced it has got. The worse disease and allergies have become. Here are some easy ways to eliminate chemicals from your home. So that you are taking care of your and family’s health (and the environment).

I am a self-confessed OCD and an “I need Sanitizer to survive” person. So, this blog doesn’t come from a place of preaching. But my struggles to reduce the number of chemicals my children are exposed to. Not just children but adults too.

Studies have linked overexposure to lead and pesticides with the brain and central nervous system damage, behaviour problems, asthma, cancer, and more.

As a mother and a human being, when I see small children with allergies and skin ailments from the harsh chemicals we use around the house. It breaks my heart. We are not only harming (unknowingly of course) their health and but our environment too.

How does these chemicals harm?

Some basic products like fabric detergents and all-purpose cleaning agents that we use around the house contain toxic chemicals that cause harm to our skin and eyes, nose and throat. Highly poisonous if swallowed accidentally (by humans or pets).

What can you do?

Go Naturale!

8 Easy Ways to Eliminate Chemicals from Your Home

1. Cleaning supplies

Make them at Home. If you find homemade tedious. There are plenty of physical as well as online brands which sell any natural product that you can think under the sun.

Easy All-purpose Cleaner Recipe:
Combine equal parts white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water, and then add ½ tsp. of liquid dish soap and a few drops of essential oils (any as per preference). You can skip adding essential oils if you want. This recipe is good for mopping as well as general cleaning of the house.

2. Mosquito Repellents

They are the worst culprits of allergies. I am allergic to one and can smell it from kilometres away( okay that was an exaggeration). But for real, these mosquito repellent sprays can send me to “ A SNEEZING HELL”. I kid you not.

There are various natural ways to repel mosquitoes. You can either have pots of plants like Lavender, Lemon Balm etc in your house. Or rub leaves of such plants onto your skin to deter mosquitoes.

3. Try for a Zero Waste House

This is Honestly my dream. But if you cannot achieve a zero-waste house then at least avoid plastic – as much. Next time, when you go to Starbucks. Carry your coffee mug and cutlery.

4. Natural Skincare

Choose from a natural range. We all have stores (or buy online) in our cities which stock natural /handmade products.

5. Get rid of the Carpets

They are made of synthetic fibres. Further treated with loads of chemicals like antimicrobial treatments, stain repellent etc. Go for easy to maintain and choose materials like wood, tile etc.

6. Ban Non – stick Cookware in your House

The substances used to make non-stick cookware are harmful. They can cause serious health issues like infertility, organ damage and developmental problems.

7. Go old Fashioned

Remove shoes before entering the house. To reduce house dust.

8. Open the Windows

Aerate the house every day. Let fresh air flush out the dust particles released from carpets, wood polish, upholstery etc.

Some tips are easy. Some would need you to re-examine and reset your lifestyle habits. Some would be revisiting what we remember from our childhood. Simple things our mothers and grandparents did to keep our houses clean, airy and chemical-free.

Open the windows, removing carpets, avoiding plastic from my house are the ways I follow to keep my house as chemical-free as possible. Something I learnt as a child.

Which have you been following to cut the use of chemicals in your house? Do share with us in the comments below.

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