You Didn’t Know This About Oily Hair & How To Get Rid Of Oily Scalp


Hair is oily due to a frequent imbalance of the glands that produce sebum. It is a natural oily substance, which lubricates the hair and protects it from harm.

When sebum production is in excess, it becomes a problem. Both men and women suffer from this problem.

If you are among the sufferers, find out with us the root causes of oily hair, and the remedies on How to get rid of oily hair scalp.

What Are the Causes of Oily Hair?

The cause of oily hair is the excessive production of sebum, which in the worst cases, can even obstruct the hair gland causing dandruff and hair loss.

The main reasons for this disorder can be both genetic and linked to bad eating habits or too aggressive hair care.

Besides, external factors such as a scorching shower, use of a hair dryer at high temperatures, influences from shampoos not compatible with hair type. Excessive use of conditioners and creams can also contribute.

Another factor that stimulates oiliness is often linked to the person’s work environment. For example, places like the kitchen and mechanical workshops where there is constant contact with oily substances.

Oil Hair Remedy: What to Do

1.Apply a Suitable Shampoo

One of the effective ways for treating oily hair is to choose the best shampoo for oily hair or a mild detergent with a neutral Ph. In this way, you can thoroughly wash your hair as many times as you want without hurting your scalp.

Best Shampoo for Oily Hair: What to Avoid

If you have oily hair, it’s ideal to avoid these mistakes listed below:

i. Using baby shampoos that are not suitable for teenagers or adults

ii. Using water at too high temperature

iii. Using dryer at a high temperature to dry your hair

iv. Using a towel to dry your hair

v. Vigorously scrubbing your head when applying shampoo

What to Do Instead:

i. Lightly massage your scalp before shampooing to increase microcirculation

ii. Pre-dry your hair with a clean towel to remove excess water

iii. Rinse the hair with cold water to tone the hair

iv. Use a hairdryer at a suitable temperature

What We Recommend

With different shampoo brands in the market, it may be difficult to select the best brand and the suitable one for your hair.

However, we have taken a drastic measure to give you the best product for your hair. We highly recommend that you use Zinc Plex for your hair, any day any time.

2. Avoid Using Creams Without Rinsing your Hair

One of the possible causes of greasiness is the residues that remain in the hair. It can generate the proliferation of fungi, increasing the amount of sebum in the hair.

According to a Dermatologist, “The use of excess conditioner, or creams without rinsing, generates some of these residues that can help to obstruct the exit pores of the glands in the scalp region, which when they are not removed correctly can develop into a condition of dermatitis. Furthermore, as these glands are not homogeneously blocked, this can cause the glands that are not with their obstructed outlet to produce more oil to supply the absence of the others, which ends up increasing the oiliness.”

So, if you must use creams that will need you not to rinse your hair, apply them to the tips of your hair.

3. Thoroughly Massage the Scalp

Hair massage is an excellent method to keep scalp oil under control, as it stimulates blood circulation at the top of the head, increasing its oxygenation level and improving nutrient transport.

Also, this practice helps in hair growth. For positive results, you have to massage your scalp before washing your hair. When you are washing your hair using your fingertips in circular movements around the entire head. Never with your fingernails.

4. Avoid Very Hot Baths

Hot water can increase dryness of the skin and scalp, thereby stimulating the glands to produce more sebum. Experts recommend that a person should bath with warm water to prevent oily hair.

“Dry skin is the most common cause of itchy, irritated skin, so it is important to avoid overly hot baths and showers,” said Dr Harry Dao, assistant professor of dermatology at Baylor. “I recommend taking lukewarm baths and showers.”

5. Avoid Using Alcohol, Lemon, or Vinegar to Remove the Oil

Home methods widely publicized, such as using alcohol, vinegar, or lemon to remove oil, may not be a good idea and, in some cases, maybe dangerous to your hair. You should get hair products from a reputable company than relying on home-made products.


If you have oily hair, there is no need to get discouraged and panic: use the right products, and you will be fine. Find out what are the causes and the natural oily hair remedy, from bicarbonate to specific shampoo, and follow our tips to get healthy, soft and shiny hair.

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