16 ways apple cider vinegar can transform your health and life

16 ways apple cider vinegar can transform your health and life

Miracle cure-alls are hard to find, but some remedies have always been used and applauded for their benefits, and apple cider vinegar certainly falls in that category. Known for its medicinal properties for ages, ACV offers a variety of benefits that make it better than many other nifty natural helpers. Its correct use can transform your health and help you live a more fulfilling life. Here is how you can use it to improve your health:

Lose weight with apple cider vinegar:

By drinking apple cider vinegar regularly, you can improve satiety and lose weight in an effective way. Consuming only a couple of tablespoons of ACV a day for 12 weeks can go a long way in reducing weight, especially belly fat.  Take it with a high carb meal to eat 200-275 fewer calories.

Manage blood sugar levels better:

If you have diabetes or you want to keep it at bay, you can include ACV in your diet because it helps regulate blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity. Take an 8oz glass of water and add a tablespoon of ACV to it. Mix well and drink it before you eat a large meal.

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Eliminate harmful bacteria:

It is capable of killing pathogens and has been used as a remedy to treat nail fungus, ear infections, warts, and lice. The benefits come from its acetic acid content. Studies have found that when used as a food preservative, ACV helps prevent bacterial growth.

Lower blood pressure:

You can lower blood pressure by drinking apple cider vinegar or simply consuming two tablespoons a day. By lowering blood pressure, it lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other conditions.”

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Manage cholesterol levels better:

Many studies have confirmed that you can lower risk factors associated with high cholesterol and heart disease by consuming vinegar. These studies have also found that ACV can lower triglyceride levels as well.

Lower risk of indigestion:

By maintaining the right pH in your stomach, apple cider vinegar works great to promote digestion. Take a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and honey to it. Mix well and drink half an hour before your meals.

Improve acne-prone skin:

Your acne prone skin will show a significant improvement just by trying ACV. It works because of its strong antibacterial properties. It also contains malic acid and lactic acid that also promote healthy skin.

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Improve energy production:

Stop feeling lethargic all the time and give apple cider vinegar a shot, as it can transform your health by triggering energy production. Apple cider vinegar contains several amino acids as well as potassium and other enzymes that help fight fatigue, especially after a strenuous workout session.

Reduce skin blemishes:

For people with acne, it is often difficult to get rid of scarring after an acne breakout. Thanks to ACV, you can now get rid of acne as well as scarring and other blemishes, mainly because apple cider vinegar is rich in lactic acid, acetic acid, citric acid, and succinic acid.

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Treatment for acid reflux:

Characterized by the flow of acid from the stomach back up to your esophagus, acid reflux or GERD can be an extremely uncomfortable position. To prevent symptoms such as belching, heartburn, and nausea, drink apple cider vinegar regularly. Add a tablespoon of ACV to an 8oz glass of water and drink it before eating your meals.

Clear your stuffy nose:

A stuffy nose is more annoying than you might think. It is common but can keep you from focusing on anything, but thanks to ACV, you can correct this problem in no time. Simply add a teaspoon of ACV to a glass of water and drink it to promote sinus drainage.

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Detoxify your body:

Simply by detoxifying your body, you can transform your health in a better way, and ACV has a role to play here. Adding a tablespoon of ACV to a glass of water and drinking it daily would balance out pH levels and promote lymphatic drainage at the same time. It improves blood circulation and supports the natural detoxification system.

No more dandruff:

If you have tried a number of remedies to treat dandruff and failed, let ACV be your savior. Its acidic nature can help regulate the pH level of your scalp, which in turn makes it harder for the yeast to grow. Simply mix ¼ cup of water and ¼ cup of ACV in a spray bottle. Spritz it directly to your scalp and cover your head with a towel. Wash your hair after 15 minutes to get rid of dandruff.

Treat hiccups effectively:

It is often difficult to look for a cure that always works for hiccups, but taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water can stop a hiccup almost immediately. Its sour taste helps correct overstimulation of the nerves in your throat, which in turn may help cure hiccups.

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Soothe your sore throat:

Simply combine ¼ cup of ACV with ¼ cup of warm water and use the mixture to gargle every hour to soothe your sore throat in an effective way.

Lower your risk of cancer:

Regular consumption of ACV is also associated with a lowered risk of cancer. Studies show that its acidic nature can help prevent cell growth and shrink tumors at the same time. There is some evidence that it may help lower the risk of esophageal cancer when used appropriately.

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Overall, it would not be wrong to suggest that there are so many reasons why apple cider vinegar is considered a magical remedy, but more research is required to confirm many of its benefits. So, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider before you try any ACV remedy.


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