5 Habits to Stay Fit and Healthy for Very Busy Corporate Men

5 Habits to Stay Fit and Healthy for Very Busy Corporate Men

Life runs at a lightning speed, and it can be an uphill struggle for corporate men to keep up with the demands of ever-expanding business and still manage to stay fit.

Today’s executive cannot just rely on a business degree to thrive in a fast-paced economy.

Physical fitness, resilience, and stamina are the new important skills, as leaders are now required to walk the wellness walk to get results for themselves and their organization. If you are busy but understand the importance of living a healthy life, start practicing the following five habits to see dividends.

Learn to Manage Stress:

You know business management, but be sure to learn stress management too. Do nothing to relieve stress and it will keep piling up and eventually breaking you at the wrong time. A 2013 study confirmed that even mild levels of stress can go a long way in affecting your ability to control your emotions.

Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep is your first step towards proper stress management.

Your body repairs itself in sleep and a lack of sleep may be the reason why you are gaining weight, have low energy levels, and feel grumpy all the time.

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Increased Risk with Exposure to Environmental Toxins:

Taking wellness breaks throughout the day can help recharge you and your team to manage stress and be more productive. When you return home, consider getting a hot bath or find some time to meditate. If you are too busy to do that, think about something that makes you feel happy. Even the anticipation of laughter can help reduce stress levels. Those funny YouTube videos may help.

Find Smart Ways to Exercise Daily:

It does not have to be a full hour at the gym, but understand that even a few minutes spent doing exercise can reduce stress and improve your fitness. If you can find a few minutes, go to the gym but utilize your time better by doing supersets. It means you will be hitting another body part after an exercise instead of resting between sets. It cuts your exercise time by up to 50% and is highly efficient.

Making other changes in your life can also help. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, have a stretch break for everyone in the office, go for a short walk, host a walking meeting outside, or try anything that keeps you walking. Just make it a routine and you will start noticing an improvement in your fitness.

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Include Nutritious Food in Your Diet:

For busy corporate men, life usually revolves around pizzas, vending machines, and takeaways. Avoid these empty calories and eat more sensibly. Also, do not skip breakfasts; in fact, you should consider eating a breakfast of champions. The latest evidence suggests that you should be consuming around 15 to 25% of your daily energy intake from your breakfast.

Opt for a low carb and high protein breakfast that contains avocados, salmon, and blueberries. Protein keeps you full, supports muscle mass, and keeps you from eating processed food throughout the day.

Include fruits and veggies in your diet. Ideally,

you should eat 7-8 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

Eating whole fruit is easy even when you are busy checking something on your computer. Some highly nutritious options are salmon, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and blueberries. You can also serve fresh fruit when having your next board meeting. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and you will lower your risk for heart disease, cancer, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

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Learn to Dominate the Travel:

Like other busy corporate men, you may have to travel a lot, and that is when you are least concerned about your fitness. Studies show that men who travel more than 20 times a month are 1.92 times more likely to be overweight. Therefore, develop a habit of not eating anything unhealthy in the airport lounge – alcohol is a big no-no. Switch to water instead. You should keep some healthy snacks while traveling – nuts, seeds, biltong etc., will satisfy your hunger and keep you from succumbing to low-quality airport food.

Once out of the airport, ensure you pick a healthy hotel. You may want to do some research online to pick a hotel that serves healthy food, with loads of fresh fruits and veggies. It should have gyms and swimming pools to help you unwind after a busy day of meeting new clients.

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Arrange Healthy Challenges:

You can use creative challenges to promote wellness and fitness. In office buildings with stairs, create a stair-climbing challenge and encourage your employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also go for a bike-to-work challenge, and participate along with your employees – it will help the environment as well. A complete fitness challenge that focuses on weight may also help you organize a team of people with a healthy mind and healthy body. Do not forget to set a cash reward or some type of prize for the winner.

The fact of the matter is that when the pressure heats up at work, even the

busiest corporate men need to learn how to maintain their fitness levels and encourage their teams to do the same.

Understand that all-work-no-play strategy is not sustainable in today’s world. So, set your goals, develop new habits, and pay attention to your fitness to face your competitors with more vigor!

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