Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- A Pain In the Wrist



If you are like many people, you get wrist pains when typing at the computer or using the mouse.  What causes these pains?  Usually the culprit for all of this is a condition known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  With this the nerve ganglia leading into your hands and digits is impeded and thereby reduces function and causes pain.

The Carpal Tunnel is the passageway that these nerve ganglia go through. When you frequently use the computer or do other repetitive work the tunnel breaks down and this hinders nerve functioning.  You get pains in your wrists and hands.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is classified as a stress or repetitive motion type injury.  This is because the monotonous and tedious work of the computer takes its toll on your hands.  Is there anything that can be done for it?

If you already have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, most likely your doctor will put your hands in braces for a few weeks.  These braces are Velcro units that have plastic and steel bars in them to prevent movement.  This will allow the tunnel in your wrist to heal up and allow nerve impulses to be received again. Once this treatment is done you need to take measures to prevent it happening again.

Use a mouse pad with a wrist guard on it, preferably a gel one.  Put a wrist guard at the front edge of your keyboard, again preferably on that is gel filled.  Try to alter your computer schedule to allow your body time for its own regeneration at the end of the day.  Follow these measures and you should be OK.


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