Heart Disease and Its Risk Factors


Like any other organ heart also needs blood for oxygen and nutrients. The hearts requirements are provided by coronary arteries which start from the base of the aorta and spreads all over the surface of the heart. When cholesterol deposits inside the coronary arteries it becomes narrow due to which there is lower blood supply to the heart.

A heart attack or myocardial infarction occurs when there is rupture of plaque as it allows a blood clot to form. This completely stops the blood flow to some parts of the heart muscles because of which that portion dies. There are many risk factors for heart disease

1.    Smoking
2.    High blood pressure
3.    High cholesterol
4.    Diabetes
5.    Peripheral artery disease
6.    obesity

The symptoms of heart disease are chest pain, shortness of breath, shoulder ache and nausea. People suffering from heart disease have progression of symptoms over the time. So it is recommended to avoid risk factors of heart disease.


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