Unbelievable Things About Sleep Postures & How It Impacts Your Body

sleep postures
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Whenever we talk about healthy sleep, we always think of the duration of time and the comfort we get while sleeping. But it is not only about comfort and time, to have healthy sleep, one must look after his sleep postures too. At one moment you can think that your comfortable sleep is providing you a healthier outcome, but that isn’t true at all.

There are several sleep postures that make you feel comfortable but aren’t healthy enough.

1. Soldier position

Sleeping at your back with hands at the side can be comfortable for so many people and is common too. This is known as the Soldier position while you sleep.  Most of the time it causes snoring and it affects most of the adults day by day. Snoring can disrupt your sleep and can create problems like the carotid artery. It can also lead to a sore lower back.

You can put a pillow or a rolled up towel under your knees to support the natural curve of your spine.

It lowers the back pain, reduces acid reflux, cures insomnia and improves the overall posture.

2. Starfish position

When you sleep on your back with your legs spread apart and hands bent up of both sides of your head, it is called the Starfish position.  Here, as gravity pulls the tongue down, it can aggravate the snoring in people who are suffering from sleep apnea. It creates pressure on the shoulder nerves and causes pain.

You should avoid using a pillow to keep your spine, neck, and head in a natural position.

It may reduce the chances of headaches, insomnia and skin breakouts.

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3. Fetal position

This is the most popular way of sleeping in lots of individuals. The fetal position includes sleeping on one side of your body with your knees crawled up towards the tour chest. The extreme curl can create pain on the neck and the back and for women, it can cause saggy breasts and skin wrinkles.

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One can try to use a firm pillow to support his head and should alternate the sides while sleeping.

It will reduce snoring. Sleeping on the left side helps reducing acid reflux.

This position is suitable for pregnant women.

4. Freefall position

The freefall position is to lie flat on your stomach. But it isn’t a good option. It puts unwanted stress on the internal organs. Sometimes the blood circulations are cut off from the fac. And it causes strain in the neck and spine too.

Use a pillow under your stomach and try to change your position while sleeping.

sleep postures
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5. Log position

While you sleep on one side of your body and both of the arms rest downwards in a straight line, it’s called the Log position. It may cause you a hip pain as the upper leg doesn’t get any support while you sleep on one side. In some cases, it creates neck pain too.

If you place a pillow in between your legs it may help a bit. You must use a big pillow too.

It can prevent spine pain and snore.

It is better to choose the left side to sleep on.

sleep postures
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We grew up with lots of habits and adapting to a particular sleeping position is one of them. But sleeping a position that can cost you your health is not acceptable. While sleeping, we always choose comfort more than anything. But to have a healthy sleep we must look after the sleep postures too. Try to change your positions several times while you sleep. It may reduce the negative effects and offer you a healthy sleep. And try opting for the solutions that cause less effect on your head, neck or spine pain.

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