Don’t make low self-esteem the cause of stress for you!


You may wonder but it is a fact that many people are the victims of low self-esteem. There are many ways for this low self-esteem to harbor in your mind. Most people who suffer from inferiority complex can trace the cause for it to their childhood. It is your up-brining that plays major role in establishing certain beliefs in your mind. Also, your social circle plays an important role in enhancing your esteem to a significant level.

But as we can sense, no two individuals have similar atmosphere whether while growing up or after turning into adults. One needs to consider another postulate that low self-esteem runs in families. The parents if have low self-esteem, the children may inherit the trait. Whatever the cause may be, low self- esteem is often the cause of worry at all ages. The problem may crop up especially when you need to communicate with your peers or other people in any unit. This however does not mean that these are unintelligent people. Rather, many people with terribly low self-esteem have done amazingly well in many difficult tests. The problem is however seen when they appear for any one-to-one correspondence courses in which they need to communicate their knowledge to others.

But experts warn these people with inferiority complex that you should seek counseling help while dealing with your problem. The problem can prove detrimental to your life. Let’s see what problems low self-esteem can pose-

  • Inability to express one’s feelings due to low self-esteem may result in collection of huge dump inside one’s mind resulting in hoards of psychosomatic illnesses. Thus, the person may suffer from undue stress leading to hypertension and heart ailments.
  • The low self esteem affects the person’s ability to recognize new challenges life throws at them. Thus, many opportunities are missed by such people due to sheer fear of accepting the challenges.
  • People with inferiority complex cannot mix in any group easily. Therefore, they may be unnecessarily taken otherwise by their peers and may not be able to find fast friends in their life.
  • These people often fall behind in the race for promotions in any firms due to their inability to show others their worth. In this world of exhibitionism, often the people who can display their talents have an edge over them though they may be intellectually weaker.
  • Finding a life partner is often difficult for these people because they are unable to vent out their feelings in front of anybody.
  • The fear of failure is so dominant in these people at times that they do not undertake unknown ventures in life, thus depriving them of newer avenues to make life better.

The stressful environment that results from low self-esteem is the cause of worry. If the self-esteem is too low to handle even the life’s day to day challenges, it poses serious threat to one’s being in this world. Many psychotherapists suggest counseling for these people. The options suggested by psychotherapists are-

  1. List all your positive things in life. Read this twice daily so that your confidence level will get a boost.
  2. Join clubs where you can meet new people and try to communicate with them as frequently as you can.
  3. Talk to yourself loudly about your feelings when you are alone. Then try to speak out same feelings to someone close to you.
  4. Opt for herbal or Bach flower remedies that can help you to acquire an inner strength to face the challenges. But always consult an expert before starting anything.
  5. Attend motivational seminars and conferences on low self esteem and stress. This will help you realize your problem better and find a remedy for it!


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