Treatment of Appendicitis


The right side of the colon or large intestine contains a small sac like structure known as appendix. Its real name is vermiform appendix, which means worm like appendage. After the diagnosis of appendix usually appendectomy is performed. Often prior to surgery antibiotic and as soon as appendicitis is suspected antibiotic are started.


The treatment of Appendicitis usually involves the surgical removal of the appendix from the body. Sometimes its rupture or bursting may result in spread of infectious bacteria and waste materials to the other parts of the body.

This can even lead to abdomen and peritoneum infection, which can cause life threatening situation. The appendix can be removed by two methods, open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. In laparoscopy method a small incision is made in the abdomen to insert laparoscope. Some tiny instruments are inserted in the abdomen through the incision to remove the appendix.

Through such a surgery faster recovery and healing is ensured. The rupture of the appendix which causes spread of infection to other parts of the abdomen necessitates open surgery. This surgery includes large incision to remove appendix. So appendix can be treated by these types of surgery.


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