10 Surprisingly Instant Remedies To Get Rid of Headache

Headache the most chronic and common problem amongst people

ahhhhhhh! Not again! Why can’t I get my head off this ache?

It is some of us that we see every day. An intolerable headache that restricts your daily schedule. Often makes you cry your heart out.

At times, it is taken as a regular sulking by other people and you are forced to get back to your work.

But, you know what this constant ticking of pain gives you all through the day.

The steadily increasing of the ache each day can make life hard for anyone. It pushes the person towards aspirin as the last and instant rescue that they could reach to.

The repetitive intake of aspirin can lead to some harmful problems. They can affect the nervous system and reduce your stamina to work more.

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According to the WHO report. It has been observed that 47% of the adult population have a headache at least once every day. The reason can be any. This leads to a rising number of aspirin consumption amongst people.

The inflammation of sinus with a headache is giving birth to sinusitis. It can even affect the brain with major nerve wrecking diseases.

To get rid of various forms of a headache and lead a peaceful life in this fast-paced lifestyle.

Here are 10 instant and surprising remedies to cure Headache.

1. Ginger

ginger a herb full of benefits

Ginger is one of the most benefiting herbs amongst its fellow members. It contains a high level of antioxidants and antiseptic properties those help to cure a headache.

Doctors suggest it as a herb that at a time, takes care of all the senses of the body.

You can cut a slice of ginger and put it in a boiling water to drink the water and get relieve from sinusitis. For instant relief take a slice of ginger and chew it till you extract the entire juice from the piece.

2. Drink Water

drink lots of water to stay hydrated

It has been observed that people who drink less water stay dehydrated most of the time. It leads to a headache and other related problems.

For those who experience a headache due to less drinking of water. You should know you have no other option!

Start drinking lots of water and stop depending on medicines. They cannot fill your deficiency of water in the body.

Avoid drinking extremely cold water to prevent sinusitis. Try to consume water at the room temperature.

3. Ice-Pack

ice pack helps to sooth swelling and inflamation caused due to headache

Stress as the new companion of our lives can be a major reason for a headache and tension. This leads to lack of movement and makes the muscles tight. To relieve your body and head off these stubborn muscles. You can use ice packs on the affected area to reduce inflammation. It depends from person to person whether ice can relief the pain or not.

4. Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil and its benefitsImage Source:wisegeek

You would be happy to know. How lesser known oils are contributing as medicinal ingredients for our body. The peppermint oil has always been known as an oil used in candies, beauty and other things.

You would be surprised to read it as one of the most effective ways to cure acute headaches.

It is one of the fastest ways to get rid of a migraine.

Apply some peppermint oil on your forehead parallel to your scalp line. Lie down for 30 minutes and you will see how the ache vanishes!!! It is true!

5. Betel Leaves

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Betel leaves well known as paan offers a relishing taste to a lot of people. It would be astonishing for you to know about it as a natural way to cure a headache. Place betel leaves on the forehead and after some time you will see how your ache has simmered down.

You can even grind the leaves and add camphor to it to prepare a mixture. Apply it on the temples and forehead for instant relief.

6. Hot Water Heating

hot water towel cures headacheImage Source:webmd.boots

It is the most common way to reduce inflammation on the forehead. You can use hot water soaked a towel and place it on your forehead or the nearby neck area. It helps to relax your stiff muscles and release ache from the head.

7. Acupuncture

acupuncture the way to cure instant headache

Acupuncture has been a widely known way to relive the chronic pain all over the body. The pressing of specific points on the body with needles or with hands has created huge hype. For some, it has worked as an amazing therapy.

Go to the doctor and know some specific points those help to treat a migraine, headache or sinus. It is an easy way to DIY cure from a headache in emergency conditions.

8. Fever Few

feverfew best remedy for headache

Fever Few contains parthenolide that controls the expansion and contraction of blood vessels in the head.

It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of a headache overnight.

Put in both fresh and dried feverfew flowers in boiling water. Filter the flowers and drink the water. The taste may not be like your yummy dishes. But it will surely cure headache troubles.

9. Relaxing Exercises

Headache relaxing excersiseImage source: apherald

For stress related headache. Try to stretch and exercise to realize your stiff muscles. It can be due to constant sitting in front of the laptops or may be a lack of movement. You may find it tough to move due to the ache. But going out in the fresh air and stretching can be a good sign to cure a headache to a great extend.

Shed off the lethargic side of you and get active!

10. Cinnamon

cinnamon the best way to reduce headache permanently

Last but never the least Cinnamon!

It is definitely one of the dearest remedies to cure many illnesses. For a headache it is one of the most easily available and natural way to cure it. An awesome treatment for a migraine as it contains essential minerals.

Drink Cinnamon water strain thrice a day to cure a headache.

Including these awesome and instant remedies to cure a headache. They can bring wonderful change in your lives and set you free from ache captives.

It is time to enjoy life and not let such headaches take away your freedom.

Remember to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Especially when you are opting for these natural remedies. Do not give up your eating timing and be regular to natural veggies and fruits.

Love yourself to see how your body loves you in return for whatever you give to it!

Finally, time to say bye-bye to a headache!!!!!

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