Know your Blood Type, know your Health


One of the contributing factors to what type of health issues you might be predisposed to is your blood type.
Just in the last few years more and more scientists have examined frequencies of blood types amongst those who have certain illnesses and gone from there pinpointing quite a few strong similarities bringing to our attention what we might want to spend extra time protecting ourselves against.


In the article How Healthy Is Your Blood Type? you can see a few examples of what this means.

So here are tidbits from the post and other studies which are currently revolutionizing the way that the medical industry is forced to re-examine the approach towards different types of ailments:

If you are …

Blood Type O

You are less likely to develop diabetes and the risk of suffering a heart attack is much lower.
You are also much more protected against malaria.
However: People with blood type O do get bitten more by mosquitoes statistically.

Women with blood type O have a harder time getting pregnant.

Blood Type A

People with blood type A appear to experience and suffer stress the most and with it comes a lot of ailments.
Neuroses such as OCD are showing a high amount of blood type A sufferers and when looking at malaria for example, type A individuals are also affected the worst.

Blood Type B

Overall cancer risk significally highest.

Blood Type AB

Your risk for stomach cancer is roughly 26% higher than if you had blood type B or O, concludes a study.
You are also more likely to experience memory loss.

Rhesus Negative People

New studies demonstrate high sensitivity of rh negative individuals resulting in allergies, toxoplasmosis and many types of illnesses being reacted to much stronger than rh positive people, especially rh positive heterozygotes who carry the rh negative gene recessively, but are rh positive.
See the study: Worse Health Status and Higher Incidence of Health Disorders in Rhesus Negative Subjects

Do you travel quite a bit? There are even more reasons to find out your blood type if you don’t know it if you go around the world including nations where certain blood types are so rare, finding a donor in a case of an emergency can be difficult and you might want to prepare for.

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