New Gene Identified: Research Says


Researchers from University of Wisconsin have said that a gene has been identified that enhances diabetes susceptibility. Researchers performed the test on mice and came up with conclusion that tomosyn-2 was controlled by the gene and insulin secretion was inhibited from pancreas.

MiceComparison was done between two groups of mice and they revealed difference in amino acid destabilized tomosyn-2 the group that was resistant to diabetes.

Thus, the secretion of insulin gets controlled preventing these animals to avoid diabetes.
Though several studies have been conducted earlier also, this is the most comprehensive one as of now. Scientists hope that this linkage will be helpful in the prevention of disease.

If a body maintains proper and right metabolism, insulin remains controlled which in turns controls insulin level. If the production of insulin in not sufficient in the body, diabetes gets developed and there increase chances of high blood sugar level.
This study was promulgated in the journal PLoS Genetics.


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