7 Easy Exercises To Strengthen Your Eyes Muscles Naturally


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The Eyes are the guiding light for our entire body. They are responsible for binding our sense organs and making the body function. As the most treasured part of our body, we should be doing everything possible to take care of them. Our eyes are a replica to our body. Just the way a body needs food, rest, exercise, in the similar way our body also requires the  same.

The constant usage of technological babies like phones and laptop has increased.

People wearing glasses or having eye related problem is high amongst the population. This has reduced the strength of eyes and the muscles leading to excessive stress and ache.

This reveals how we have been ignoring our eyes and health. To help you reduce your eyesight number and also relax your eyes at work here are simple ways to do it.

Try these 7 exercises at work or home to sooth your eyes and improve vision without any medicine

1. Yoga Exercise

We all know yoga as the remedy for almost all health related problems. In a similar way, it even helps to relax your eyes with a few effective exercises. You can start with rotating your eyes clockwise, anti-clockwise. doing this at intervals helps to overcome the ill effects of constant viewing on the screen. Followed by that at intervals you can do nose tip gazing to relax your eye muscles. From the direct rays of the screen.

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2. Blinking Exercise

This is an easy exercise to practice after every 10 minutes. By blinking constantly, you refresh your eyes and are able to focus for a longer time. In situations when we are concentrating on the screen or television, we tend to blink less. Try blinking every 2-3 seconds and then steadily keep increasing the count till you feel good.

3. Palming exercise

This exercise is to relax your eyes and take away the stress. It is a short break where you cover your eyes with the cup of your palm and fingers on the forehead. Do not put too much pressure while placing it on your eyes . The exercise will help you rest your eyes and mind. It will take away the stress and also bring a huge difference in your daily routine while working.

4. Focus on the near and far object

The exercise is one of the most effective ones for all the people with weak eye muscles. You need to focus on a nearby object for few seconds then follow the same drill for far focus. The best part about this exercise is you can do it anywhere and everywhere. Remember to sit in a comfortable position before you start practicing it.

take breaks to sooth your eyes

5.  Zooming In and Out

This is a dual exercise that lets you stretch as well as relax your eyes. You have to take your arms and stretch them towards the ceiling. While doing that you have to keep focusing on the raised thumb whether it is far or near. Bring the thumb to a distance of 3 inches from your eyes and then take it above. Doing this on a repeated basis for 5 minutes will relax your eyes. It will also strengthen your focus and eye muscles in general.

Include these simple and quick exercises in your routine to keep your eyes stress-free. Preserve your vision naturally and timely gets your eye examined for better care.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

So, as one of them, to see the beauty around us, we need to take care of our eyes.

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