7 Easy to Follow Nail care Tips (And Why it’s important)


Nails are a mirror to your health. It’s proven by medical science that the condition (colour/ texture) of your nails reflect disease in your body. Nail care is as important as skincare, even though the visible part of the nail is dead.

Some facts about Nails

1. The average growth rate for nails is 0.1 mm each day;

2. The rate of nail growth depends on factors like

  • The age of the individual – nails grow faster at a young age;
  • Sex of the individual – nail growth is higher in Men;
  • The time of year – nails grow faster in summers;

Nail Care Tips – To Do

  • Keep them clean(soap and warm water) ;
  • Make sure you trim them;
  • Remove all traces of colour with acetone-free nail polish remover;
  • If you are a woman who enjoys a frequent change of nail polish colours- then space it out. Your nails will get a chance to breathe(remember those yellow nails?) with this gap;

– Stating the obvious here, right!?

Now here’s what’s not the obvious and very important to know.

7 Easy Tips to take care of those paws:

  1. ALWAYS file your nails in one direction. It prevents your nails from getting weak;

Best and easy way to do that?

Start to file them from sides and then shape the top of the nail.

It’s Doable, trust me. Requires a bit of practice.

2. As you clean your makeup brushes and sponges. Keep your nail-tools clean as well. Wash them with soap and water – dry them. Clean with rubbing alcohol.

Read this short article on the correct way to file your nails.

3. Cutting cuticles may not be such a good idea. Nature has put them there for a reason. According to Mayo clinic guidelines on nail care. We should not cut them or allow our manicurist/pedicurist to do so. Even if you need to, push them and cut extra . You can do it only once a week with a wooden cuticle pusher! And when you finish. Apply cuticle oil or a nourishing moisturizer.

4. Foundation is important (insert base coat here). Use base coat with your nail polish.

It’s tedious! I know.

Ain’t nobody got time for this! I know.

But if you do this, the results are going to amaze you. Base coast protects the discolouration of nails (remember the yellow colour we talked about earlier).

5. Avoid getting Gel/ Acrylic treatment on your nails. I am guilty as charged. After years of gel nail addiction, I gave up recently and loving it.

Exposure of UV light on your nail and skin around it and dry them out. May even cause Cancer. Although there are products that can cut the risk of harsh treatments on your nails, but we are not seeing our neighbourhood nail salon using them in the near future. So, maybe take a break from your monthly nail appointments.

Your wallet will be happy too!

6. Use Essential Oils. Believe it or not! There’s an essential oil for every nail problem. Cracked nails, weak nails, fungal infection – they got you covered. For eg: Olive oil is great for the strengthening of nails. Cypress oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

7. Give those paws a night-time routine. There are millions of videos on night time-skin care routines but not a single one of them talks about nails. Massage cuticle oil/ moisturizer to your cuticles and nails. Give those babies a pamper before you enjoy your shut-eye.

To conclude: your fingernails are a bunch of dead cells. But they speak volumes about your health. Take good care of them.

Next time, when the cricket match gets on the edge. Bite those chips, not your nails.

Which nail care routine have you been following? Do share with us.

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