Depression: When Being Blue Means Bottom Of The Ocean. (Part 2)


We’ve learned about many of the symptoms of depression in the prior installment, but now I think it is time to discuss the different types of depression there are.  I’d venture to say there are as many kinds of depression as there are automobiles on the road.  Staying within that analogy, just as there are no two cars that are one hundred percent the same; there is similar depression – identical no. There are no two forms of depression, which are identical; however, they all are similar to a point.  Here are a few of the types of depression with a brief descriptor of each:

Post-Partum Depression – This is a depression that occurs to most women following a pregnancy.  Their body is adjusting to chemicals returning to the pre-pregnant state and this wreaks havoc on their emotions.  Typically this is a temporary thing and will pass on its own, but if it don’t contact your doctor ASAP.

Situational Depression – Very similar to the previous except both genders are subject to the effects of it.  This is depression that occurs after a traumatic event such as a car wreck, a death, divorce, etc….  This too normally passes with time, but may need medical advice if it malingers in the body.

Classical Depression – This is what the majority of depression patients are diagnosed as having.  It is a chronic condition and requires daily medication.
Either of the two above conditions can turn into this if they are left untreated.

Manic Depression (a.k.a. Bi-Polar) – This is a type of depression where you are not depressed all the time.  One day you can be up high, the next day down low.
It’s like being on a roller coaster.  This is another condition requiring medication.

After reading this you should know some facts that you didn’t know before about depression.


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