7 Top Secrets to Reduce Back Pain

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Around nine out of ten people experience back pain in their lifetime. Back pain is one of the commonest causes of work-related absence in everywhere. Even though, back pain is not a major issue, but it can be transformed into a serious problem over time if left untreated. Severe back pain can impact on the quality of life disturbing daily life activities.

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Back pain varies person to person. Some people have constant back pain and in some people, it comes and goes. Sometime it becomes chronic, especially if you have lower back pain.

Here are some important tips that can help you to prevent back pain, such as:

1. Maintain good posture:

The main culprit of most of the back pain is bad posture. Bending the upper part of the body when you walk or twisting it inward are the early sign of back pain. So always stand upright when you walk and keep the back rested when you sit.

2. Stretching exercise:

Stretching is a good exercise to avoid back pain. It works wonderful in back pain for people especially who works in computer for hours. So try to do it between your works taking a mini break.

3. Reduce extra weight:

Your spine is the prime support of your whole body and it can bear weight up to a certain limit. So when you are overweight, your spine becomes strained and you start developing severe pain. So it is important to maintain an weight according to your height and age. Adopt some aerobic exercise, brisk walking, jogging or join some dance classes or gym to reduce extra weight.

4. Lift Carefully:

Lifting things in proper way prevents the risk of back pain. When you lift anything, make sure that your feet are apart few inches. Always bend your knee and then lift the thing.

5. Avoid high heels:

Women who wear high heeled shoes are more prone to have back pain. When you wear a high heeled shoe, your body is in some force to make a balance in the spine, hip, knee or even the head to make your walk straight.

So the shoes with high heels put more pressure on your back. As a result, you experience back pain earlier. So, wearing flat and comfortable shoes is the best way to keep your spine healthy.

6. Avoid smoking:

Smoking is one of the most common and fastest ways to damage the spine in both men and women. Smoking impacts on the healing capacity. People who smoke are more prone to spinal disc displacement than the non-smokers.

7. Sleep posture:

A good sleeping posture can also help reduce body pain including back pain. Starfish posture is the best sleeping posture. In this posture, you sleep on your back keeping your arms and feet relaxed. Do not keep your pillow too high when you sleep.

Hope these tips would help you to get rid of the back pain and its associated symptoms. Sometime, in long-term back pain, it becomes so severe that you just can’t move your body out of pain. In such situations, you need to consult with your health care provider to sort out the issue.

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