Healthy Fashion tips for Very hot Summers


With the May being the hottest month of the year and the heat waves at its peak, it is very very important for us to take proper precautions to not get dehydrated or get affected by the loo.

When eating, drinking habits has to be taken utmost care of this summer, it is also important to look out for the clothes that you are going to wear. Yes, dressing smartly, you can beat the heat this summer too.

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” —Oscar de la Renta

So here are few of the healthy fashion tips for summer. The right clothes for the right season.

Develop a love for cotton fabrics

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Considered as the perfect fabric for summer clothes, cotton fabrics can help absorb the body sweat and evaporate it in the year. Wiping out enough oils and moisture in the skin, it acts like an always hanging towel over your skin and helps reduce the formation of yeast and bacterial infection over the skin.

It is best to avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible. Having almost no pores in the synthetic materials, there is a minimum chance for the evaporation of sweat in the skin. This can lead to an increase in chances of growing skin infections and rashes.

Linen clothes are other great alternatives during summer. Their weave pattern and high breathability make them an ideal fabric for summer clothes.

Choice of light colors

It is a natural science that even the kids study in the school that dark colors absorb more light and trap the heat. Whereas lighter variants absorb less heat by reflecting most of them back to the atmosphere.

So the  colors like white, pink, peach, beige, yellow, etc. are considered to be the best summer colors . You should make a choice of clothes with these color patterns.

The must avoid color combinations are black, dark blue, dark red, violet and any dark color you can imagine.

Loose and skin friendly clothes

It looks cool to wear skinny jeans and a tight top. But have you ever imagined what could happen if your skin stops breathing as freely it requires in this summer?

When the body is exposed to heat waves this summer, our body tries to cool down by escaping the heat through the skin.  Wearing tight clothes can restrict sufficient heat to escape from the body  and can cause serious illness.

Clothing style

When summer is known for shorts and sleeveless clothes, we should keep in mind this is not the ideal way to dress under the scorching heats. When it is good to wear loose clothes, shorts and sleeveless should actually be avoided.

 Shorts and sleeveless clothes leave most of the body parts exposed to harmful radiations of the sun.  This UV radiations can sometimes lead to cancer. If not that bad, it can surely damage the oil contents of the skin and leaving it dry. It can also result in cell burning and immature death of body cells causing early aging and wrinkles.

Consider reading the daily activities that cause cancer and you don’t even know it.

If you pay attention to the dressing style of people in countries with heat waves all-round the year, say Arab, you can see their people wearing loose clothes and covered from head to toe.

So the healthy fashion for summers can be summarized to:

1. Wearing cotton or linen clothes
2. Choosing light color options instead of dark ones
3. Wearing loose clothes instead of skin tight
4. Wearing clothes covering most of the body parts

These are some of the must follow healthy fashion tips for the summers. This can help reduce the number of skin diseases and help maintain proper body temperature naturally.
What are your unique healthy ways to look cool in this hot summer? Write down your summer fashion statement in the comment section below.

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