Why Isn’t Medicare and Medicaid Better?


This is a problem that all disabled and senior citizens have; the medical insurance doesn’t cover all the expenses. The medicines they need aren’t covered unless the doctor gets a pre-authorization on them.  A medicine, which doesn’t work, is substituted because it is cheaper.  This is appalling. 
I am a disabled person and I have both Medicare and Medicaid.  I have Diabetes and other health problems that I must take regular medicines for.  I get so disgusted with these two insurances over my medicines that at times I want to just throw in the towel.  Every other senior or disabled person I have spoken with feels the same way.  We are tired of it and do not know what to do about it.
Every year it’s the same old go around.  Meds that aren’t covered co-pays that increase.  Pre-authorizations required.  It isn’t fair to those of us who need our medications.  For our health to stay maintained and possibly improve there needs to be consistency in our treatment.  I’ve seen the time that each month I am given a different med by my pharmacist all because the coverage changes that often.  Enough is enough.
What Medicare and Medicaid need to do is the following:  They need to merge into one firm.  The Government basically runs them both but they each cover different things.  Several people have both for coverage and conflicts always arise.  Also they need to cover all meds and all expenses one hundred percent.  Seniors and disabled persons cannot afford co-pays like people who have regular insurance do. 

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