Vulnerable Implications Of Diabetes


A condition, in which a person has a high blood sugar level, because the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or body cells don’t respond properly to the insulin that is produced, called Diabetes.

It is a hormone disorder that can cause problems with kidneys, legs, eyes, nerves, blood flow and heart. If not treated properly, these problems can lead to kidney failure, blindness, gangrene and amputation.

Diabetes is on the increase, because people are getting fatter and increasingly inactive lifestyles.

Types of Diabetes:

Type 1: Known as insulin dependent or immune-mediated Diabetes:

In this disease body fails to produce hormone insulin. Insulin is required to control blood sugar level.

The Symptoms:

The symptoms are high levels of sugar in the blood, high levels of sugar in the urine, frequent urination, extreme hunger and thirst, weight loss, weakness, Irritability and mood swings, nausea and vomiting.

People can live happy with type 1 diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible through insulin injections, regular exercise and control of diet. Follow a diabetes treatment plan. Regular checkup for blood and urine, tests will show if the disease under control.

If ketones present in the urine this indicates problems.

Type 2: non-insulin dependent diabetes:

In this disease cells fails to use insulin properly. This is the most common form of diabetes and usually occurs over-aged people of 45 and over weight.

The Symptoms:

The Symptoms are increased thirst, increased need to urinate, feel tired, irritable and increased appetite but they lose weight. Some other signs are repeated or hard to heal infections of skin, unclear vision, loss of feeling in hands or feet and dry or itchy skin. In this, symptoms can be mild that they go ignored, because it makes confusion with signs of ageing.

People can live happy with type 2 diabetes by keeping control on blood sugar level as close as possible to normal, regular exercise, diet control and weight control.

Some other forms of diabetes include, Gestational diabetes; during pregnancy, Congenital diabetes; due to genetic defect and several from of monogenic diabetes.

All kind of diabetes are treatable, but usually cannot be cured.


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