Foods And Herbs To Decrease Diabetes


These days diabetes has become very common. Diabetes is also called as diabetes mellitus. It is caused due to high accumulation of glucose or sugar in the blood. When our body is not able to secret insulin properly to convert carbohydrate into glucose diabetes is caused.

There are two types of diabetes Type 1 diabetes it is caused because of insufficient supply of insulin, Type 2 diabetes this is caused when the cells become insulin resistant and gestational diabetes it is caused during pregnancy time. Some foods and herbs are helpful in decreasing diabetes-like cinnamon because when it is taken regularly it naturally reduces blood sugar level. Chromium is helpful to for your body cells to properly counter insulin.

In many researches, it is found that people suffering from diabetes have low chromium level than healthy people. Zinc plays an important role in the production and storage of insulin of body. it is known that people having diabetes have zinc deficiency. So you should consume food having high zinc value like lamb, oyster, and almonds and so on. There are also some herbs which controls diabetes including Bitter gourd as it has some compound that helps in lowering blood sugar level.

Onion helps in blocking the insulin breakdown and pancreas in insulin production. Fenugreek seeds can also lower the blood sugar level in the body. if it is regularly taken in powered form with a glass of water can treat diabetes properly.

Blueberry leaves are very remarkable in treating diabetes because when its leaves are boiled and the water is taken thrice a day it shows good result. So by these herbs and foods, diabetes can be treated.


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