Don’t Surrender – Deal With Depression After Your Divorce


Everybody around us have an emotional need to feel loved and attached to someone. No matter it’s a bonding with your parents or with your spouse ; it has a different place in your life. Sometimes, relationships go on a brink of break up and you try to put an effort to save your relationship. But some relationships turn bitter and end up in a break up. Marriage is one of the association that offers you companionship. But when your marriage doesnt work out and the only solution is to get a divorce, your life seems to get lonely and this is when you become a viction of depression.

Needless to say, how distressful it gets when you break up with your partner, you get surrounded by grief and feel angry with yourself. But hold on ! Life doesnt end here.. though it’s obvious to grieve about your past relationship and take your time to overcome all the good and bad feelings you are going through. It’s equally important to move out of the shell that you have made up for yourselves, living in isolation will disrupt not only your mental peace but also your health will get badly affected.

Concious Efforts To Cope With Stress Should Be Made


Sharing Makes Life Far Easier

It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone

 Jack Johnson

Yes! It’s completely true, you need to do it to believe it. Don’t hold back your feelings, open up – talk to your close friends about what you are going through. Good friends will always be there to do anything possible to offer you comfort and give you the right advice.

Don’t Expect A Sudden Change In How You Feel

When you spend years and years with your partner and all of a sudden you don’t have the same person with you, it’s obvious to miss them. You need time to adapt to the present situation, don’t give up or don’t push yourself too hard. In addition to this, go ahead and participate in any support group.

Don’t Rush Into Another Relationships

It’s quite common for couples to get into another relationships to fill in the empty space. But majority of the people regret doing it and end up breaking that too. Any relationship that’s made quickly always end up quickly. Each relationship takes it’s time to build an emotional bond. Without any doubt, the lonilesness creeps in but getting yourself into a wrong relationship for the sake of having someone in your life will not give you any relief or happiness. Instead, it’s a good opportunity for you to discover yourself and find a new you.

Try Some Of Your Favorite Sports

Play your favorite sports, it will energies you and will help you to divert your mind from all the sad thoughts..

Read Inspiring Books

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss quotes

Read inspiring novels, books and anything that interest you. You will muster up strength to fight your emotions when you see how other people have struggled in life and have overcome the hurdles to lead a more exhilarating life.

Write Your Emotions

The best way to express yourself is to write what you feel. You will pour out your feelings in a better way and it will help you to feel connected with your inner emotions. Tell yourself what you want out of your life and what approach you should have to feel content in life.

Initially, you will struggle a lot to overcome all the negative thoughts that entangle your mind but slowly and gradually you will enlighten your life by overcoming the depression in your life. Just remember this time will pass on, all you need is to allow yourself to heal your emotions. More importantly, have faith in yourself that you won’t let yourself get trapped in loneliness and depression for too long. Certainly, the life moves on and it’s just a phase.


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