4 Common Thoughts Scaling Your Mind When You Squeeze A Pimple


Ohh, my god! It is a pimple! This is one fear that haunts women most of the time. With it adding stress and restriction to your daily tours, you start panicking to get rid of them as soon as possible.

In spite of knowing what squeezing a pimple can do to your skin. You still leave no scope to hold your thought and stop your hands from squeezing them.

To exactly study the mindset during that time I went out to survey women from various sectors.

According to their skin types i tried to find out what urged them to squeeze pimples and zits instead of treating them.

Here are 5 thoughts with answers.

They can really help you calm your mind and avoid squeezing pimples to keep away permanent scars or marks on the face.

Before telling people about the ill effects of popping pimples, is it not better to help them hold the thought that pushes them to do it at the first place.

say no to squeezing pimples

Thought 1

Fear to be Noticed in Public

This is one of the biggest fears that make women do things that they are not supposed to. With a pimple raising high on the face, your confidence automatically goes down. Even if people are not noticing, you tend to get conscious and feel uneasy. You think your beauty is being scared. This is one reason that can really trigger you to squeeze out pimple thinking you will no more be the odd one out.

It is sad to see people having such wrong notions. It is perfectly normal to have pimples like others. You should not make it a reason to feel low or even hamper your daily presentation. The way it takes the time to pop up in a similar way requires some time to subside. If you try to pluck it out before time. It will leave marks and can even worsen the condition.
Stay confident and treat your skin good! As they say, if you feel good you will automatically look good. So, treat pimples with care and natural treatment that does not let it pop again.

Avoid such thoughts and stay calm.

stop letting pimple bother you..

Thought 2

The Itchiness

Mostly, when a pimple is about to form it starts to itch and hurt, this often disturbs you and makes you touch it again and again multiplying bacteria. With the repeated activity, you end up getting irritated and decide to squeeze it out. It is a spontaneous action but results to a bad conclusion.

I know it gets intolerable to hold the itchiness. To stop yourself from doing so try to divert your mind. Get yourself busy into things those will occupy your mind completely. You can even use a clean handkerchief to soothe the irritation with a gentle hand.

As the best remedy use natural ingredients to subside pimples or even stop the uneasiness it is causing.

take proper care of your skin

Thought 3

Habit of Squeezing

As a common activity around 40 percent of people have a habit of squeezing pimples knowingly or unknowingly. Without realizing it can cause severe inflammation or infection we still continue doing it. Because of how it looks you really cannot resist popping it out.

When you squeeze a pimple you end up taking out puss from the area. It sticks to the skin and tempts you to scrape it more and more.

The activity continues and you end up scaring your skin.

It may be tough to practice but try to tie your fingers from doing so.

Look for better methods to get rid of pimples quickly those will not affect your skin.

It is not that squeezing pimple is a sin. But, getting it done by an expert to cut its effects is better than experimenting on your own.

avoid any kind of myth that makes you harm your skin

Thought 4


There are a lot of myths attached to squeezing pimples. The dos and don’ts have really confused people whether squeezing is good or bad. It is better to get your facts right and act accordingly to work on your skin. Do not trust any temporary or shortcut suggestions based on weird beliefs. They can really harm your skin in future.

Try to use natural products as much as possible. They are safe and even effective in the longer run. Let it take its own time to heal and leave your skin back to normal.

If you really want to avoid such a stage then you first need to stop the source those lead to stiff pimple formation. They are whiteheads and blackheads.

Keep your skin clean and healthy to say bye bye to squeezing pimples!

In my next blog read about some quick remedies, those can help to avoid pimple formation.

Till then wipe these thoughts and leave it for your skin to work pimples without worries!

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