Anorexia Nervosa A Disease You Should Know About





The rise in eating disorders is at its peak. 80% of the population is suffering either by over eating habits or by the lack of nutrients in the body. In the race to get the ideal figure or appearance, people are trying every possible ways. some of them are even opting for life-risking corridors to reach that goal.

The extreme consciousness about weight  is playing with the minds of people. Due to this, there is a drastic change in the eating order which is leading to some unwanted diseases.

Such disorders are unusual and develop in life. They are often difficult to trace or even approach for the medical ailment. This makes the person hesitate to share the problem with close ones or friends. They prefer to isolate than be around normal people.

In this tiff of healthy living and survival anorexia has become a lifestyle. The urge to look young and go to any extent is making people

put their life at stake.

ill effects of anorexia


The term Anorexia Nervosa is not new. But the growing number of  people suffering, has highlighted the disease over time.

For some anorexia is not by choice. Instead, it is a decision taken due to cultural and environmental factors.

To be specific and define it is-
A disorder that makes you refuses to maintain a healthy body. It develops a fear of gaining weight with whatever you eat. You stay Dissatisfied with your body. In some extreme cases the patient loves food. but the mental trigger makes them vomit out the food eaten before It gets digested and adds to the weight. The person counts calories all the time and is under pressure due to self made strict rules to stay skinny. It leads to starvation and adds to mental illness like depression.

In some severe cases, it can even lead to the life-threatening situation.

Detecting the diseases at an early stage is better than waiting for it to be in full swing. If you feel or have someone around you showing such signs then know about these symptoms. They can help you to save a life and the patients happiness.

Anorexia leads to depression



  • weight loss
  • giddiness
  • detest from food
  •  feeling cold, tired and not sleeping well
  • discoloration
  • low blood pressure
  • constant measuring self
  • fear of gaining and talking about it all the time
  • excessive exercising

Emotional symptoms

  • To deny hunger-refuse to eat
  • Lying about already full appetite
  • Low emotion, low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Suicidal
  • Isolation
  • Wearing layers to cover your body
  • Sensitive to everything said

These are symptoms those can help you know whether the person is anorexic or not.


Apart from symptoms you should know the effects of this fatal disease that is harming your loved one or you.


  • Low immunity
  • Intestinal problem( abdomen pain etc)
  • Uneven menstruation
  • Kidney failure
  • Infertility
  • Brittle bones
  • Heart problem
  • Anemia
  • Death

The disease is the development of mental disturbance that takes a bad shape with the passage of time. To treat the patient, it is important to provide them psychological comfort and love. It takes the time to cure and can be difficult to handle. But, constant efforts and care can save a life and improve the condition.

Give a happy environment and encourage to love yourself with what you are and stay healthy. Such patients are actually unwell and need help.

So, extend your hand to hold them and change there lifestyle to a better living. Improve their confidence to think of the life that is worth more value and concern.

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