Can you swim with strip lashes? A Mini-Guide

can you swim with strip lashes

Summertime is all about swimming, skinny dipping in the dark, pool parties, and so much more! However, no one wants their strip lashes to come off or have mascara running down their faces in the middle of having fun. So can you really swim with strip lashes?

The simple answer is yes. You can safely swim with your strip lashes on — as long as you’re mindful of what that entails. We suggest that you go with your test run with any kind of lashes by first knowing everything there is to know about it here.

4 Things to Take Care of while Swimming with Strip Lashes

Here, we look at 4 things you should keep in mind before (and after) swimming.

1. Cleanliness

It is inevitable for your eyelashes to get wet post swimming — getting eyelash mites is not. Keep them clean by regularly washing them with a safe and specialized shampoo cleanser and a cotton pad. Well-maintained, healthy lashes keep the eyelash mites at bay.

2. Using the right adhesive — think DUO glue

It takes time for the lash strip to grip your eyelid. Give it time, allow it to dry and stick properly. Use DUO glue for the best results.

The waiting period differs with different brands and types of eyelashes. With some lashes, you have to wait for 48 hours before getting them wet. With newer ones in the market, a 4-hour wait is more than enough to step into the water.

3. Avoiding tight protective glasses — wear goggles!

It’s natural for us to want to rub our eyes while swimming. And that is why we should be mindful of the way we rub our eyes. Gently wipe above and under the eyes without touching the strip lashes.

Can’t help rubbing your eyes, still? Wear goggles. It also protects your eyelashes from water pressure.

Don’t wear tight protective glasses, they ruin the texture of eyelashes. Instead, go for glasses with an appropriate lens that doesn’t touch your eyelashes.

4. Using the right products for eyelash care

Swimming pools harbor chlorine and saltwater, there’s no escaping it. They make it hard for you to keep your eyelash strips safe. Take immediate action after swimming and don’t use oily removers for eyelash care.

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