Backaches – Why?


Backache is a common problem that occurs to almost everyone in their daily life. Whether it is your hectic life or job, this painful incident has become common. If you are having a mild ache it doesn’t mean you will wait for it to increase; seek doctor’s help at once. It is important to know the reason and then get a treatment done for it.

Reasons Why Backache Occurs

And, here are the reasons of the backache.

Exercising Wrongly

People who hit the gym prefer doing the exercises that work on back, biceps and shoulder muscles. If you do these exercises in a wrong way, you put extra pressure on your back. And, this condition results in backache.

Exercise under a trainer or fitness expert as he will tell you how and what to do in a correct way. If you suffer from pain after doing exercise wrongly, then your fitness routine will be affected; so, take care while working out.

Bad Sitting Position

Throughout the day, one sits in a wrong position. Sitting in a wrong position at computer or your workstation, stooping on couch while watching TV, bending your back in an awkward manner, walking or standing can cause backache. And, this occurs in the lower portion of the back.

Tuberculosis of Spine

In the nations where tuberculosis or T.B. is a significant health problem, people suffering from it may complain of back pain. The area where the pain will occur depends on the area where the infection affects. Usually, lower back or lumbosacral area is badly affected.


The obesity epidemic is fast spreading all over the world. The extra weight and fat exerts extra pressure on the back and thus results in low backache. A time will come when your body won’t be able to carry on the extra weight and backache will occur every time when body squeaks.

Bad Furniture

Your lower back is directly affected and there is a pressure on it if the sofa you sit, your office chair or the mattress on your bed. This means you need to shop for furniture and mattresses with care so that you buy nothing but the quality stuff. A low quality furniture is good for your budget but not for your spine.


The sciatica pain may involve one or both the nerves. The sciatic nerves originate from lower spinal canal and goes to thigh back and each leg. This longest nerve in the body causes backache if it is pinched at its starting point i.e. spinal canal. The pain is so much unbearable that the affected person is unable to perform his daily activities.

It is a sensible step to diagnose the cause for the back pain and get the treatment done soon as a little delay can make the pain increase manifold. Why suffer from backache when you can get relief from it.


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