The Weight Loss Benefits Of Hoodia

The Weight Loss Benefits Of Hoodia

Hoodia is a centuries old secret that was discovered by the San bushmen who populate the area known as the Kalahari desert in sub Saharan South Africa.  It is used by the indigenous people to control appetite and weight loss.

The Weight Loss Benefits Of HoodiaNot to be confused with a cactus plant, this succulent desert dweller is extremely scarce and can only be grown by specified permit holders.  A fund has been established to ensure that the San bushmen benefit from the cultivation and sale of the planet’s number one natural appetite suppressant.

This plant is naturally adapted to the unique environment of the Karoo and is very difficult to cultivate, hence raising concerns about its exploitation in its natural habitat.  The plants thrive in the extremely hot conditions and receive water on average only once every three months.  Over-watering is a sure way to kill this extremely delicate plant.

Cultivation and harvesting of the plants are strictly controlled, with guidelines set in place.  A farm needs to have over 2500 plants over 40 centimetres in height before they are allowed to begin harvesting, with only 20% of the plant being harvested at any one time.  Strict measures are taken to ensure that each cut is made with a sterilized knife and that the wounds are sealed with a special powder afterwards.

Using these stringent methods, one large farm was able to produce 180 tons of Hoodia in a year!  The drying and milling process are fairly simple, with the harvested product being ready for sale in your health store in a matter of a few short weeks.  This amazing herbal appetite suppressant is highly in demand due to its astonishing ability to naturally suppress hunger pangs and to suppress the appetite completely.

The best part of all is that Hoodia does so without any unpleasant side effects such an nausea, dizziness, a peculiar taste in the mouth or a racing heartbeat.  It’s so simple and effective to use and with obesity becoming a world-wide epidemic, this humble little plant is set to storm the world stage and make amazing changes for hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe.


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