Cancer: An Insight Towards A Life Taking Disease


There are different forms of cancer that can occur in the living beings. All different kinds of cancer, begin with the body cells. Human body is made up with many cells and when these cells expand they outgrow other cells, which are necessary to keep the body healthy. When these cells die, other cells are formed. But when these new cells are not formed in the correct manner or when they are formed at the time when the body does not require them, these extra cells results in cancer or tumour.

Cancer occurs when the group of cells show uncontrolled growth further from the normal limits.

Cancer takes place in people belonging to any age group. However, it is said that it increases or causes severe pain with the increment in the age.  According to a survey, it was found that 13% of deaths are caused due to cancer.

All cancers are the result of irregularities in the genetic material of the distorted cells. It occurs due to inhalation of tobacco smoke, radiation, chemicals, or through infectious agents. The cells of cancer are formed from the normal cells because of amendment or mutations of DNA or RNA. These mutations occur suddenly or due to other factors such as nuclear radiation, ultra-violet rays or through electromagnetic rays. These generate mutations, which result into cancer.

Cancer cells can spread to the other part of the body through the blood circulation or through lymph systems. Cancer is not a one kind of disease and there are many kinds of cancer. The main among its kinds are:

·         Carcinoma- In this type cancer begins in the tissue or in the skin or it can cover the internal organs of the body.

·         Sarcoma-in this cancer begins or starts with the bones, muscles, blood vessels, or in other connective or loyal tissue.

·         Leukaemia-here cancer starts in the blood- organising tissue such as the bone core and causes the numbers of blood cells to be organised and thus enter the blood.

·         Lymphoma and myeloma-in this cancer begins in the cells of the immune system.

·         Central nervous systems- here cancer occurs in the brain or in the spinal cord.

There are only three ways for treating cancer that is through surgery, radiation or through chemotherapy. But with enhancement in levels of research, specific treatments are developing in order to cure different kinds of cancer. The targeted therapies have shown progress specially in deducting the abnormalities in certain cells.

Radiation and chemotherapy destroys the immune system. The respective cancer can again crop up in future if a person has taken the treatment of radiation or chemotherapy early before the correct period. All these methods only shrivel the cancer; they don’t help in removing the disease entirely. Radiation also causes damage to the normal cells of the body. Thus cancer refers to the class of diseases so it is improbable to say that there will be a single cure for cancer treatment.


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