Top 6 Rare Allergies You May Not Know Of


Some rare allergies amongst us!

We all want to be healthy and have less visit to the doctors. In the process to keep ourselves away from diseases we often miss a few responses that our body signals. Those alarms are not observed in a frequent way. But, they can be fatal and dangerous too.
Allergy  known as a temporary behavior of any sensation troubles the immune system. These are external substances like bacteria and viruses those cause an allergic reaction. It can overgrow with time and can develop in any age.

Another factor is that these bacterias can transfer via genes from the family.

Across the world, at least every 10th person has some or the other form of allergy. From the most known to the least cases detected and crazy ones. There are  bacteria’s present in the air to affect the immune system.

Amongst the common ones there are a few allergies, those are yet unknown to us. Here are top 5 rarest allergies you might not know they exist.

1.    Water Do Not Touch Me!


water is an essential source to survive for each living being. What happens if your body starts reacting to it? In cases of water urticaria or water allergy the person’s body reacts when in contact with water. The reaction is painful on the skin and creates rashes. People suffering from this rare allergy have to avoid chores like washing cleaning etc.

Since these activities and emotions can push them to come in contact  with water.

Strange but true!

2.    Sex- Dangerous Love!

necessity of sex

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Sex is a beautiful blessing from god to the human beings. It is how a woman gives birth to new life within her. With allergy caused due to sex can it is one of the rarest conditions. In this case during the intercourse due to the semen the women gets itching, burning and swelling. For some severe cases, the swelling can be observed elsewhere in the body.

3.    Sun- Give no oil in my Lamp!

Sun a powerful source of vitamins

For those who have allergy from the sun can fall in either of these two categories. one is photosensitivity and the other is photodermatitis. The allergy causes rashes over the exposed area. Some of them get a hereditary allergy. It can even create some small blisters in severe cases.

4.    Technology- I Want Stone Age!



This is one of a unique kind of allergies ever heard. With the world advancing in technology, there are some who just cannot adapt to it. Due to the allergen in the body against nickel or electromagnetic waves. They are  emitted from the electronics like phone, laptops etc. It a cause nausea, headache and skin rashes. Some are allergic to the radiation from wi-fi, cell phones, and other devices. It can sustain and increase with the passage of time or can subside. In most of the cases, the sufferer gives up on all contact with technology and lives a life without them.

5.    Milk Products- A no no for me!

milk products

Milk and milk products have become necessary nutrients of our body. It is tough to survive when you have an allergy with them. Often the person does not get to know until you experience the symptoms. When you consuming milk or its product after some time you start feeling dizzy and feel like vomiting. In severe cases running of nose, watery eyes, rash and diarrhea.

In all the above cases whenever you detect any of these symptoms reach to your doctor immediately. There are various treatments available for such weird and rare allergies.

The medical science is advancing and researching to find cures for abnormal diseases. They are helping people live a healthy life without any restriction.

Study more about your body to knock out diseases keeping your immunity strong.

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