How To Take Care Of Your Skin During Monsoon


On the one hand, the monsoon brings hope to get rid of scorching summer, but on the other hand, it brings a wide range of skin problems to cope with. Humidity is undoubtedly the biggest cause associated with various sorts of skin infections. Let’s find out the different types of skin infections along with the remedial measures to keep them under control.


During monsoon, it’s very common to get infected with fungal infections. Ringworms and yeast infections are the two key types of fungal infections that mainly affect toes, feet and other body parts. Heat and humid atmosphere are considered key factors of fungal infections


If soiled with rainwater, clean your body with lukewarm water as soon as possible.

It is advised to wear open footwear or sleeper instead of shoes and sandals.

Try to keep your skin clean and dry.

Don’t allow moisture to stay for long on the body.

Wear cotton and loose clothes


Monsoons make your skin dull and oily. Sometimes, sudden change in the weather makes your skin dry and dehydrated. Repeated wetting and drying can lead to pimples.


It’s better to use a mild soap or soap free cleanser that helps in cleansing the skin pores without letting the skin dry.

It is advised to scrub your skin gently at least twice a week.

Do not go for oily foundations, heavy make ups and moisturizing cream.

Try to use waterproof mascara

Clean your face with fresh water at least 4 times in a day.


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