Touch smartphone and its positive impact on brain!


According to a latest research, it is revealed that smartphone has a positive impact on our brain. The researchers of this study say that smartphone shapes the part of our brain that regulates our finger movement.

Mr. Arko Gosh, from the Institute of Neuroinformatics of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, found in this research that the cortical activity and day-to-day plasticity of our brain can be measured based on the usage of the smartphone.

In this study, Mr. Gosh and his team selected 37 people. Among them, 26 were using smartphone and 11were using conventional phone. To find out the fact, they put 62 electrodes on their head and recorded the potential that was based on the movement of the forefinger, middle finger and thumb.

The researchers observed that the cortical activity of the brain was different in the smartphone users as compared to the people who were using conventional phone. They found a greater brain signal in the people who used smartphone more in the last ten days. The correlation was significant in the areas represented by the thumb.

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